Give Your Car a DIY Showroom Shine

Give Your Car a DIY Showroom Shine

Over time, despite regular washing, your car’s body tarnishes. Pollution, bad weather, and micro-scratches take away its shine. You need to apply three types of products to make your car shine: “polish” removes a layer of paint in the micron range, “luster” nourishes the paint, and “wax” protects everything. The paint then recovers its depth, and the bodywork becomes shiny. The micro-scratches that you usually see in the sun are erased.

However, this will not last. Under the effect of the weather conditions and pollution, your bodywork will tarnish again after a few months. It will, therefore, be necessary to restart the polishing process for a brilliant result.

Follow These Four Easy Steps:

1. Wash Your Car

Before polishing your bodywork, make sure your vehicle is clean and dry and that no traces remain on the paint.

Necessary: remember to quickly clean bird droppings, which are very acidic and damaging to the paint (the acid penetrates in depth through the paint).

2. Polish Your Bodywork

Polishing paste allows you to remove micro-scratches from your bodywork: it contains light abrasives that smooth out vortices that shine in the sun. You will find different types of pastes, more or less abrasive, to choose according to the condition of your bodywork. Always proceed from the strongest to the finest grain for a perfect finish.

– Apply your paste with a cotton cloth or cotton wool, using circular movements. The product leaves a white film. Allow to dry for a few minutes (refer to the product manual for the exact timing), then wipe with a clean cloth to remove the film.

– You can also apply your product with an electric polisher equipped with polishing foams.

Necessary: Avoid unpainted rubbers and plastics in your vehicle, as polish may leave white marks.

3. Polish Your Paint

Once the micro-scratches become smooth, use polish or glaze to nourish the paint on your bodywork and restore depth to its color.

Apply it in the same way as the polishing paste.

4. Add a Protective Wax

The application of protective wax is the last step to maintain the shine of your bodywork. The effect lasts between 3 and 6 months, depending on the type of product chosen and the car shampoo you use between two wax applications.

You have the choice between several types of products:

– Synthetic waxes: they have a pleasant smell giving your car that showroom odor.

– Natural waxes. They have a shorter holding time than synthetic waxes, but their visual appearance is warmer.

The application is made with a soft pad over the entire bodywork.

Now you know how to make your car shine. Go ahead and try these few tips, and you can tell us yourself! Don’t forget to add your comments below.

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