Truck Tyres in Dandenong

Truck Tyres in Dandenong


– Truck tyres: specific features and importance of rolling resistance

– Trucks: tyres adapted to each axle

– Truck tyre: marking and indices

Truck tyre: specific features and importance of rolling resistance

A truck tyre is a component with extreme performance for professional use. The truck tyre is mainly tubeless and radial ply, using the same technologies as those used for passenger tyres.

Suitable for vehicles with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of more than 3.5 tonnes, a truck tyre is larger and must in particular offer robustness, endurance and fuel-saving capacity.

With each revolution of the wheel, the tyre deforms on contact with the road and dissipates energy in the form of heat. This force is called rolling resistance and is responsible for 20% of the forces that naturally brake a car (the other forces being aerodynamic friction, mechanical friction, etc.).

On a truck, this rolling resistance is responsible for about 33% of the energy dissipated. In other words, one out of every three fill-ups of petrol is dissipated via the tyres, hence the need to focus on “green” technologies to reduce these effects.

Trucks: tyres adapted to each axle

In contrast to passenger car tyres, truck tyres cannot be fitted on all axles and a model is specific to a particular position on the vehicle:

– The steering axle is the front axle, directly involved in the orientation of the vehicle.

– The drive axle is the rear axle of a truck that is linked to the engine and transmits acceleration. The wheels are generally twinned on this axle, which therefore has four wheels, except in the case of adapted tyre models that allow two tyres to be replaced by a wider tyre.

– Carrying axles are trailer axles that follow the direction and traction imposed by the towing truck.

A model designed for one axle cannot be fitted to another axle. There are, however, all-position models that can be positioned in any position, but they are clearly defined as such by the manufacturers.

Truck tyre: marking and indices

The marking of the truck tyre is the same as for the passenger car tyre, i.e.:

– 335 = section = width of the tyre in millimetres (mm).

– 55 = series = ratio (in %) between the height of the tyre and the section (width). It is therefore a figure that gives an idea of the height of the sidewall, in other words the “thickness” of the tyre.

– R is the radial structure of the tyre.

– 22.5 = inside diameter = rim diameter in inches (“).

– 91: load index corresponding to the maximum load in kg that the tyre can support.

– V: speed index corresponding to the maximum speed at which the tyre can be driven while maintaining the range of its performance.

The following table illustrates the figures corresponding to each speed code.


Speed codeSpeed in km/h

The following table illustrates the figures corresponding to each load index.


IndexLoad kgIndexLoad kgIndexLoad kgIndexLoad kg
1008001231 5501463 0001695 800
1018251241 6001473 0751706 000
1028501251 6501483 1501716 150
1038751261 7001493 2501726 300
1049001271 7501503 3501736 500
1059251281 8001513 4501746 700
1069501291 8501523 5501756 900
1079751301 9001533 6501767 100
1081 0001311 9501543 7501777 300
1091 0301322 0001553 8751787 500
1101 0601332 0601564 0001797 750
1111 0901342 1201574 1251808 000
1121 1201352 1801584 2501818 250
1131 1501362 2401594 3751828 500
1141 1801372 3001604 5001838 750
1151 2151382 3601614 6251849 000
1161 2501392 4301624 7501859 250
1171 2851402 5001634 8751869 500
1181 3201412 5751645 0001879 750
1191 3601422 6501655 15018810 000
1201 4001432 7251665 30018910 300
1211 4501442 8001675 45019010 600
1221 5001452 9001685 60019110 900

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Regrooving: a second life given to the truck tyre

– Retreading: a third life given to the truck tyre

– A variety of uses for this type of tyre

– Truck tyre legislation

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