Is Your Vehicle Clutch Slipping?

The clutch is the part that ensures gear shifting when the engine is running. It is located between the gearbox and the engine.

The clutch wears by friction between the flywheel and the clutch disc. At the end of its life, it tends to slip. Let’s see together how to face this problem.

Slip Clutch: How To Recognize It?

There are several ways to find out if your clutch is slipping. Here are some small checks that you can do yourself:

– In full acceleration, the engine screams and the rev counter suddenly climbs but the vehicle does not gain speed.

– When you start driving into first gear and accelerate moderately while releasing the clutch pedal, the engine gets into the revs but the vehicle remains stationary.

– When you drive, a burning smell can suddenly get in the passenger compartment. This is due to the clutch disc slipping on the flywheel.

Slip Clutch: What Are the Risks?

By driving with the clutch slipping, the failure can happen at any time. You will risk staying in the middle of the road because of the clutch slipping in all operating phases. Your vehicle will, therefore, be locked because the connection between the transmission and the engine can no longer be made by the clutch.

In addition, you may damage the flywheel due to friction of the clutch on it and engage in even more costly repairs. In the end, you will have to tow your vehicle.

Caution: Don’t wait for this to happen in the middle of the highway as this can provoke an accident!

Slip Clutch: Price of the Repair

As soon as the clutch starts to slip, it is best to consult a professional to have your clutch checked urgently. Sometimes it is due to an oil leak between the clutch bell and the engine block, which causes the same symptom.

If, on the other hand, your clutch disc is worn, it will be necessary to change what is called the clutch kit, which consists of a bearing, a mechanism, and the clutch disc.

This repair is complicated and expensive because the transmission and gearbox must be dismantled.

Sometimes, depending on the vehicle, the disassembly of the engine, in addition to the gearbox, is necessary. It is a repair that can take from 4 to 8 hours.

Changing the clutch disc alone would not be useful because the other parts of the kit (the mechanism and the bearing) would have similarly worn out.

Tip: Instead of having to come back to the garage for additional repairs of the rest of the kit, it is better to replace the whole kit at one go. This will also save you additional labor costs.

Good to know: Some additional costs are often involved when replacing the clutch, such as gearbox oil, two transmission seals, a clutch cable and brake fluid for a hydraulic clutch stop.

How to Choose a Garage?

At a vehicle dealership of the brand of your vehicle, admittedly, labor is often more expensive, but they know their product very well.

Whereas in an independent garage or in a vehicle center, the knowledge of your vehicle is less, but the labor is often cheaper.

Or, at your usual garage, if you trust your mechanic.

Now you know what to do if your clutch slips. Hope these few tips help you decide if you should pay a visit to the garage soon.

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