Choose and Buy a Scooter in Florida

In the two-wheeler category, there are several alternatives available to you, often more efficient and faster than a car or public transport: the classic scooter, the three-wheeled scooter or the moped. Depending on the type and displacement, the scooter can seduce both active city dwellers and young people over 14 years of age!

The Scooter: Ideal for Young People and Active City Dwellers

By its very nature, the scooter is more comfortable to drive than a motorcycle, of course, but also a car, for the following reasons:

– the brakes are located at the handles, like on a bicycle;

– the transmission is automatic, and the driver only has to accelerate;

– the sitting position is comfortable;

– the shoes are dry and protected from the marks from the pedal of a manual gear motorcycle;

– the weather protection is correct (your foot is protected in the comfortable leg space);

– the handling is excellent, except for the larger capacities of the maxi-scooters (high weight and size);

– its trunk under saddle can accommodate a helmet or two;

Even if, unlike mopeds and motorcycles, scooters are very frequently stolen or vandalized for their parts, when riding in the city, the scooter is king! Modern, therefore automatic, very agile and dynamic, it avoids the stress of traffic jams and generally offers a considerable time saving to the driver.

It also makes it easy to park, which makes it a popular choice for active city dwellers.

Besides, it is perfectly suitable for young people without a licence but with a road safety certificate (50 cm³ restricted to 45 km/h) and to couriers as well.

The Different Types of Motorization of Scooters

As always, the purchase of a scooter involves additional costs mainly related to its maintenance, fuel and insurance.

It is preferable to select a recent model whose performance will be optimized (braking, handling and nervousness) and the parts available from many dealers.

50, 100, 125 cm³ and more

A buyer will choose the capacity of a scooter depending on the desired use. He/she will also consider his/her age and budget. There are two types of engines:

2-strokes: powerful, light, and clean if direct injection (pollutants and gluttonous if carburettor), easy to maintain and repair;

4-strokes: complex, difficult to repair (expensive), inefficient (especially if 50 and 125 cm³), economical and durable (except low-cost models and supercharging compressors).

Different Capacities Will Determine the Performance of a Scooter:

– the 50 cm³ is often for the 2-strokes;

– the 100 cm³ is the economical version of the 125 cm³ and is offered in 4-strokes;

– the 125 cm³ is for the 4-strokes and more than 125 cm³.

The table below details their use:

Scooter Engines and Uses: Overview

Engine Uses Uses Maximum speed
50 cm³ In the city over short distances. 45 km/h only.
100 cm³ Daily urban use (work, short distances, passenger transport). 80 to 90 km/h
125 cm³ Daily urban use (work, short distances, passenger transport). 100 to 120 km/h
More than 125 (scooters from 250 to 800 cm³) Peri-urban in GT, maxi-scooters on express ways and motorways. 130 km/h for the 250 cm³ and 150 to 200 km/h beyond that.

If you have to use your scooter every day, opt for reliability! Feel free to consult the specialized website of Jealse Scooters Inc., which is a trusted scooter shop in Florida. They have a wide selection of scooters and repair parts to help you with your choice.

Good to know: think about repairs and maintenance that could immobilize your two-wheeler. Some dealers offer courtesy scooters for the duration of a rather long intervention: an important advantage to negotiate at the time of purchase!

Note: scooters are subject to the same speed limits as motorists: 50 km/h in urban areas, 130 km/h on highways, 110 km/h on dual carriageway roads separated by a median strip, 90 km/h on roads with at least two lanes assigned to the same direction of travel, 80 km/h on other routes.

Focus on the Electric Scooter

To save fuel and benefit from a rewarding model, you can also choose an electric scooter. With the imminent arrival of the promising graphene batteries, internal combustion engines are finally doomed, theoretically if not politically.

Electric scooters now have nearly 100 models and are already an interesting alternative. Indeed, they can remain autonomous for more than 100 km at best. Their actual autonomy varies greatly depending on:

the outside temperature (drop from 10 °C);

the way of driving, nervous or more flowing;

the age and cycling of the battery;

the weight of the driver;

the relief of the route;

the actual quality of the scooter’s electrical components.

When you buy a scooter, you want to purchase from a competent seller who will provide you with a wide variety of quality scooters and genuine spare parts when repairs will be needed. Hope this post helps you to find your perfect scooter. Remember to drop down your comments in the section below.

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