DIY Changing the Carpet of a Car


Step 1: Remove the seats from the car

Step 2: Remove the center console

Step 3: Remove the door covers

Step 4: Gently remove the carpet.

Step 5: Wash or change your carpeting

Step 6: Reassemble all the elements

Damaged fiber, faded color, stains impossible to remove… To give your car interior a new look, it is possible to change or remove the carpet to clean it thoroughly. It is a simple operation that however takes time and space.

Here’s how to change the carpet in your car.

1) Remove the car seats

Start by removing the front and rear seats of the car. It is often sufficient to unscrew four nuts for each seat. Refer to your car’s technical journal for more information.

To avoid triggering the airbag accidentally :

– Disconnect the battery a quarter of an hour before proceeding.

– Disconnect the belt pre-tensioners very carefully.

– In some vehicles, presence sensors are integrated in the seats, also in connection with the airbags. Disconnect them carefully.

Important: If you remove the seat belts, remember to tie a knot in your belt before you loosen it completely. If it is fully retracted, you will not be able to retrieve it!

2) Remove the center console

With the front seats and rear seat removed, dismount the center console. As each vehicle is different, check the disassembly in the vehicle technical journal.

3) Disassembling the Door Covers

By pulling the carpet a little, check to see if it is slipped under the door trims. If it doesn’t come out easily, you’ll have to completely remove these trims.

– First remove the screws holding the door trims, then remove the clips under the carpet.

Note: These plastic clips are fragile and often break when removed. Plan to have spare ones for reassembly.

– Then remove the door seals.

4) Carefully remove the carpeting

Remove the carpet under the dashboard

Check under the pedals and under the glove box at floor level: staples usually hold up the carpet. Remove them carefully so they don’t break.

Then remove the carpet, being careful not to pull out the threads underneath it.

Caution: Part of the wiring harness runs underneath. If you don’t feel at ease doing this task, you can call Rivero Auto Interior in Florida. They are known to provide complete carpet replacement for a ‘new car’ smell.

Note: Sometimes there is also insulating foams underneath the carpet (whether or not they are glued to the carpet). If they’re wet, change them when you replace your car carpet.

5) Washing or changing your carpeting

– Once the carpet is removed, you can wash it with a pressure washer. Wait until the summer to do this type of cleaning, so that the carpet in your car can dry properly.

– If the carpet is too damaged or if you simply want to change the color, have it replaced with a new carpet by a professional.

Important: Carpets in cars are pre-formed, so be sure to choose the right model. A piece of residential carpet will not fit properly.

6) Reassemble all parts

Lay your carpet and reassemble all the elements in reverse order. The various staples and elements, such as door trims, are enough to hold it down. It is not necessary or recommended to glue your car carpet to the sheet metal.

Hope the above help you out! Remember to leave your comments below.

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