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How to choose a carpet for your car?
Carpet maintenance
Points of sale for car carpeting
Indicative prices of a car carpet

An often overlooked and yet essential element in your car is the car carpet. Here are some tips on how to choose your car carpet.

How to choose a carpet for your car?

Your car carpet must be resistant and non-slip. To do this, it can be made of different materials:

Polypropylene: easy to maintain and resists friction and regular trampling while driving;
Rubber: when added to one side of the synthetic carpet, rubber guarantees a good grip of your car carpet;
PVC: This material is flexible and resistant and guarantees good longevity of your car carpet;
Acrylic and polyamide: these so-called synthetic fibers make this material an ideal mix of fibers so that your car carpet does not deteriorate quickly.

Shapes of car carpet

Standard shape: there are standard car carpet models to put in the front and back of your vehicle. The shape remains simple but allows you to adjust the size of the carpet so that it does not move while driving;

Custom” shape: Car manufacturers and some dealers sell carpets designed specifically for each car model so that your car carpet will fit the shape of the vehicle. Else, you can get in touch with Rivero Auto Interior And Electronics. They are experts in auto interior: leather car seats, convertible top replacements, antique restoration, car carpet, door panels, and dashboard repair, and leather upholstery.

However, before contacting an expert to restore your car interior back to new, you can still try several ways to restore the original appearance of your car carpet:

Vacuuming: after each car wash, take care to vacuum your car carpet to remove the residues and other rubble that are deposited during your journeys;

Carpet shampoo: your shoes will wipe away weather and dirty sidewalks. To clean the interior of your car, use a car carpet shampoo to remove dirt and dust from the fibers.

Points of sale for car carpeting

To find the right car carpet for you, there are several solutions, each with advantages and disadvantages:

Supermarkets: The car section of your supermarket contains many accessories including carpets. The only downside is that the range is small and the standard shapes may not suit the shape of your vehicle, and the quality may not suit your taste;

Specialist shops: these stores are specialists in the sale of car accessories and they offer a wide range of carpets at all prices;

Dealers: they offer car carpeting models specific to your vehicle. Please note that the carpets sold correspond to a specific manufacturer, and the price is also high.

Indicative prices of a car carpet

Depending on the shape and material of your car carpet, the price range may vary from one product to another for front and back carpets:

Standard car carpet: count from 7 to 16 dollars for a classic model.

Mid-range car carpet: allow for about 20 or even 25 dollars.

Car carpet to your specifications: depending on the model, the average price is between 35 and 60 dollars.

Note: the above prices are just an indication. Depending on your car specifications and the quality you are looking for, the price may vary for a Rolls Royce or a Mazda, for example.

All in all, this post should be of some help to you if you are trying to restore your car interior before looking out for a professional. Should you have some more tips to help our readers, please feel free to drop down a few words in the section below.

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