Timing Belt: What Changes Should Be Made?


The usefulness of the timing belt

Timing belt: what changes should be made

An extremely variable maintenance frequency

Price of a timing belt

Get a timing belt estimate

Your vehicle’s engine must be overhauled regularly or risk breakdowns, unnecessary expense, pollution, or poor performance.

Parts such as the timing belt are essential to the engine’s proper operation, as are the coolant and exhaust system. Draining (engine) is also a fundamental operation.

However, changing the timing belt can be costly. It is, therefore, advisable to ask for quotations.

The usefulness of the timing belt

The timing belt must be changed to avoid the destruction of the engine, especially for diesel or multi-valve engines:

Indeed, it intervenes in the valves and pistons’ movement during the combustion cycle and drives the water pump.

Finally, it synchronizes the engine movements.

It is notched and tensioned by the tensioning roller, which preserves its alignment.

Timing belt: what changes should be made?

It is recommended to change the complete “timing kit” (belt + tensioner) as soon as the belt’s end is announced.

The water pump can also be replaced simultaneously, as it may not reach the second end of the belt’s life.

However, not all engines are equipped with timing belts: some have timing chains (which often last as long as your engine) or sprocket cascades. These need to be lubricated very often.

Extremely variable maintenance frequency

The frequency at which the belt needs to be changed varies greatly. It can range from 60,000 to 24,000 km depending on the engine, the belt’s and the car’s age.

For example, on older vehicles, the belt is changed at 5 years, compared to 10 years for newer cars.

The quality of the spare parts is paramount. Check that your mechanic installs the right parts and take the references from the service book.

Price of a timing belt

 It is necessary to inquire about the cost of maintaining your car to avoid overspending, including :

  • on the services due to the maintenance of the transmission line ;
  • on those of the various components to be purchased if necessary.

The timing belt is one of the most expensive parts of the car. It costs about $500!

It must be chosen with care because it can break the engine if it is of low quality. Therefore, it is essential to find a manufacturer-certified part to prevent you from spending more money and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Get timing belt quotes

It is challenging to know the price of a timing belt change, especially since it varies from one vehicle to another and from one garage to another.

The best way is to ask for several quotes so that you can compare them. It is advisable to ask for at least 3 estimates to have a good point of comparison.

You can get your quotes in several ways. The first thing to do is to contact your usual garage. You can then contact the garages in your area.

It is essential to know that, as a rule, small garages offer lower prices than large dealerships. Besides, there is often a price difference between the city and the countryside. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for quotes from several types of garages in different locations.

If you don’t have the time to travel, it is also possible to get quotes online.

In any case, remember to indicate the make, model, and year of your vehicle, as well as its mileage.

When you have obtained several quotes for your timing belt change, study them carefully in terms of rates, services, parts offered, and the warranty (usually 1 year). If you do not understand certain points of the estimate, do not hesitate to ask the mechanic for explanations.

An estimate well below the others can mean a change of the timing belt alone and not of the kit and inferior quality parts. Be careful!

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