What Is an Engine Cleaner For?


    – Engine cleaner: what is it?

    – Engine cleaner: for which vehicle?

    – Engine cleaner: characteristics

    – Engine cleaner: why use it?

    – Engine cleaner: how to use it?

    – Engine cleaner: how to maintain your engine?

    – Engine cleaner: price

Usually, it is good practice to add an engine cleaner before oil draining to ensure and preserve your engine’s proper operation. Let’s see under what conditions you can use this product that is both effective and economical.

What is an engine cleaner?

An engine cleaner is a treatment designed to clean the entire engine lubrication system. It is an additive to be poured into the oil pan before changing the oil.

Good to know: Engine Cleaner Before Change is compatible with all types of mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants.

Engine cleaner: for which vehicle?

An engine cleaner is suitable for all types of 4-stroke engines such as diesel, petrol, LPG, and hybrid engines with or without a turbo.

Good to know: the treatment can be carried out on any 2 or 4-wheel engine, with or without a catalytic converter.

Engine cleaner before draining: characteristics

The engine cleaner contains detergents without any acidic solvents or other chemicals that could damage the system. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.

Good to know: the product is safe for engine parts, plastic and rubber seals, and catalytic converters.

Engine cleaner: Why use it?

Engine cleaner has lubricating properties that mix with the used oil before draining. This product has the following special features :

    – It removes impurities to make the interior of the engine cleaner.     

    – Sludge particles are dissolved and kept in suspension on the surface of the used oil in the crankcase. They are then evacuated during the oil change.

    – By making the engine cleaner helps reduce pollution by reducing CO2 emissions.

    – It reduces fuel consumption while increasing engine power.

    – It protects engine parts from wear.

    – Facilitates oil circulation inside the engine and in the hydraulic system.

Good to know: using the engine cleaner before oil change will extend the engine’s life and the catalytic system. Opting for this product means allowing your engine to benefit from all of the new oil properties.

Engine cleaner: how to use it?

Before changing the engine oil, pour the bottle of engine cleaner into the crankcase and leave the engine running for about 20 minutes.

As soon as the engine is stopped, drain the oil while it is still warm and replace the oil filter.

The last step is to pour new engine oil into the crankcase, as usual, every time you change the oil.

Good to know: this task can be done by yourself, but if you don’t feel confident, please leave it to a professional. 

Engine cleaner: how to maintain your engine correctly?

You can perform that engine cleaning process before every oil change. If the engine is too dirty, it’s best to repeat the operation after 200 to 300 km after the oil change.

Some products similar to the engine cleaner are intended for cleaning the gearbox. However, before purchasing this type of product, it is preferable to check with your mechanic.

Good to know: a 300 ml bottle of engine cleaner can treat 5 to 6 liters of oil.

Engine cleaner: price

Most engine cleaners are available at auto centers and dedicated dealer sites. The price of a 250 to 350 ml bottle is often between $15 and $25.

Good to know: Before using an engine cleaner, you should always read the packaging instructions.

Hope this post helps you drain your engine correctly. Please remember to share your experience below.


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