What Causes Flywheel Failures?


 – Flywheel failures: symptoms and diagnosis

 – What Causes Flywheel Failures?

 – Flywheel repair and cost


The flywheel is a mechanical device that connects the driveshaft to the clutch via the crankshaft. Also known as a flywheel, this device improves driving comfort by absorbing vibrations when the vehicle is moving. But a flywheel failure can cause a clutch failure. How do you detect this type of failure, what causes it, and what can you expect to spend on repairs?


 Flywheel failure: symptoms and diagnosis

 It is not always easy to detect a flywheel failure when driving a vehicle.

 The main symptoms that can identify this type of failure are as follows:

 – Significant vibrations in the engine block: this sensation is also perceived at the clutch pedal.

 – Difficulty shifting gears, especially when the engine runs at low speed: this malfunction systematically leads to clutch wear.

 When you notice any of these symptoms, it is strongly advised to intervene quickly to carry out the necessary repairs or contact a specialist in car mechanics.


 What causes flywheel failure?

 The life span of a flywheel is approximately 200,000 km. However, this mechanical component can malfunction on certain vehicle models well before this mileage is reached. However, it is essential to note that failure occurs more frequently on newer diesel-powered cars because the flywheel is more fragile than the flywheel on older models.

 The failure usually comes from the springs built into the part. They become brittle over time and eventually break.

 Good to know: a flywheel failure can cause significant damage, including a faulty clutch disc.


 Flywheel Repair and Cost

 A flywheel failure occurs when the vehicle has less than 100,000 km indicates a defect in the part or abnormal wear. In some cases, the repair costs may be covered partly or entirely – by the manufacturer, even if the warranty period has expired.

 Of course, this may be due to normal wear and tear of the part. Therefore, you should plan to replace it without delay, preferably by a professional.

 Good to know: when replacing the defective part responsible for the flywheel failure, it is highly recommended to also change the clutch kit, given that some of its components are damaged.


 Price of a flywheel

 The price of a flywheel depends on the type and model of the vehicle concerned. The price range is between $1,000 for an entry-level car and $3,000 for a high-end car.

 The clutch kit costs between $150 and $500, depending on the vehicle model.

 To this price, you must, of course, add the cost of labor and related services. That’s why it’s best to get a quote from several mechanical professionals before carrying out the repair work to compare prices.

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