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What Type of Trailer Tyre Are You Looking For?


 – Trailer tyre: respecting the approvals

 – Trailer tyre maintenance rules

 – Several types of trailer wheel: according to your needs

 – Choosing the trailer wheel tyres: criteria

 – The DOT: the date of birth of the tyre

Trailer tyre: respecting the approvals

Let’s start straight away. Trailers or caravans tyres are to be chosen depending on the specificities communicated by the manufacturer. In cases where this is not specified, the rim size will indicate the appropriate tyre size; the best is to consult a professional to validate the final choice.

Good to know: when there is a choice for the same size, it is preferable to opt for reinforced tyres to support a higher load.

Maintenance rules for trailer tyres

Trailer Tyre

For a safe and serene journey and to increase the life of your tyres, a few rules of use are necessary:

 – Tyre pressure:

 ◦ Respect the recommended inflation pressures, i.e. generally 2.5 bar for a standard tyre and 3 bar for a reinforced tyre.

 ◦ In case of heavy loads and long trips, it is advisable to add +0.5 bar to the above pressures, i.e. cold inflation of 3 bar for an unreinforced tyre and 3.5 bar for a reinforced tyre.

 – Beware of the load:

 ◦ Do not overload trailers and caravans that have a maximum allowable weight.

 ◦ A load that is too high will affect both the grip and the strength of the tyre and its wear.

 – Parking: mount your trailer or caravan on chocks when parking for long periods and ideally store your wheels undercover.

 Each trailer has its wheels: how to tell them apart?

Trailer Tyre

For safety needs, a trailer must be well equipped with a:

 – suitable trailer wheel,

 – solid structure: axle, chassis, floor and sidewall,

 – trailer connection in working order.

Several types of trailer wheel: according to your needs

The trailer wheel must be adapted to each type of trailer.

Here are the different types of tyres found on the market:


Type of trailer wheel

Type of trailer



Most car trailers.

– With sheet metal rim from 8 inches,
– equipped with a classic tyre.

All-terrain wheel

Agricultural trailer.

Its dimensions can reach 22 inches.

Jockey wheel

Any trailer.

– Wheel stand installed on the drawbar of the trailer.
– It serves as mobile support when the vehicle is uncoupled.
– It is useful for moving the uncoupled trailer.

Launching wheel

Boat trailer.

Kayak trailer.

Stainless steel wheels.

Note: The condition of the trailer wheel must be systematically checked. The same applies to the tyres, whose pressure should be checked regularly.

Choosing trailer wheel tyres: criteria

If you need to change the tyre of a trailer wheel, you will have to choose between:

 – the tyre for paved, dry or wet roads,

 – the all-terrain tyre.

The tyre must also be adapted to the type of trailer:

 – non-reinforced tyre,

 – 6-ply reinforced tyre,

 – 10-ply reinforced tyre.

The DOT: the date of birth of the tyre

Each tyre has a series of numbers and letters corresponding to its “identity number”. This is the Department of Transportation (DOT) number.

It is composed in order of:

 – the factory code;

 – the tyre size code;

 – a specification specific to each manufacturer;

 – the date of manufacture with the week and year.

For example, “DOT HP UT 6TJU 1919” indicates that the corresponding tyre was manufactured in the 19th week of 2019.

Hope this post has given you an idea of the type of trailer tyres you are looking for. If you are looking for truck wheel service and repair specialists for your farm tractors, harvesters, trailers, and other heavy vehicles, GILL VIC TYRE has an impressive range of replacement and premium used tyres.

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