Rule the Road: 5 Simple Car Makeover Ideas

What’s your relationship with your car?

Are you two still in the “undecided phase”, married or complicated?

If you are really close to your car and want to give your best for it, here are some simple ideas on how to revamp your car’s overall appearance and transform your ride.

#1. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Today, a girl would hardly dig a guy whose car is filled with chips and dings. And, honestly, no one likes driving an old car with damaged paint.

So, man up and spend that money you would have otherwise wasted on a stereo on a full-colour change to give that new-and-shiny vibe to your car.

Theoretically speaking, a full paint job is the very first step to maintain your car for a very long term.

But, is repainting my car really worth it?

That’s a huge question that many car owners wonder about.

As long as it’s not an impulse act, getting your old Honda painted is a wise decision.

Now, there’s no denying that repainting your car can be quite expensive, especially if you want to repaint it in an entirely different colour. However, if you want a decent job, I strongly recommend against painting the car yourself.

Painting a wall of your house and painting an entire car is very far from being the same thing.

#2. Interior Vacuum Cleaning

Interior Vacuum Cleaning

Making the outside of a car look stunning is essential. But, it is just as vital to make the inside look great too.

On the very first day of the dealership, cars always look their best. Ride it for a few weeks and you’d notice how quickly dust, pollen and textile fibres would start collecting on the interiors. Over time, this dust and debris will create a repulsive dust layer, ruining the aesthetic of the vehicle.

Driving with windows and sunroof closed might minimize the amount of dust that can barge in your car, but it will not get rid of the existing ones.

So, just a thorough cleaning can leave your house looking great and smelling good. Similarly, an interior vacuum cleaning will leave you with a clean and spotless car.

#3. Dashboard Polishing

Dashboard Polishing

Once you’ve got the interiors vacuumed and the seats and floor spotless, move on to the dashboard.

I’m not going to lie to you, but like many, even I failed to consider cleaning the dashboard. Thorough and proper cleaning of a car requires a lot of effort and avoiding the dashboard is a grave mistake to make.

However, you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I made. All you have to do is clean and polish the face of the car and make it look as smooth and clean as possible.

#4. Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

I get it. You want your car to look shining and stunning all the time and you are open to any options that are effective and last long.

If you’ve tried basic stuff like regular washing and waxing, it’s time to try ceramic coating.

If you’ve got friends who are motorheads, you’d probably heard this term.

Ceramic coating is that one magical potion that can make your car look heavenly striking day in and day out without much effort.

In simple terms? It is a chemical polymer solution applied to the outside of a car that can protect the exterior paint from any damage.

And, if you get a ceramic coating at Strictly Auto Spa for your brand-new sports car, you’d be raving about it.

#5. Add Some New Lights to Your Car

Add Some New Lights to Your Car

The best way to add some flair and great style to your car interior is by equipping it with different types of car lights.

Furthermore, many car fanatics express their preference for LED lights, especially if you love driving at night time.

LED lights do not only enhance the4 beauty of your car, but can make a long drive comfortable, creating a heaven-like pleasure.

Be it interior vacuuming, tinting or ceramic coating, if you are in need of such car services, you need to give Strictly Auto Spa a call.








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