The comprehensive Guide to Your Car AC

Your car is like your second home and so you need to take care of it and clean it just like you would with your actual home. If you live in New York, LA, or even Texas, then your car’s AC is your best friend during the summers and is a must-have if you are stuck in LA traffic which is literally one of the seven circles of hell at this point. Having said this, an AC is great and all, but you need to maintain it and have it checked from time to time to see if it is working to the best of its ability. A car AC is like any AC; it needs to be checked up and cleaned at least twice a year. So, let’s learn more about your car’s air conditioning system.

How does it work?


The first AC system was introduced back in 1939, and it has been working pretty much the same since then. A car AC works almost similar to a standard AC; it pumps cool air inside the car and moves heat outside. It not only cools down the vehicle but also reduces the moisture and humidity content in the car. They are sealed systems that have both a low-pressure and high-pressure side. Your car AC system requires refrigerant like R-134a to function and this needs to be refilled for the AC to work.

How often should you have it checked?


The AC system in your car comprises different components such as a compressor, an evaporator, and an expansion valve. And all these parts may be damaged or not working correctly, so this is why your AC system needs to be checked on a regular basis. If any part of the AC system malfunction or breakdown because of time and overuse, it may cause your air conditioning to malfunction. So, to answer the question, how many times does it have to be checked, well that depends on you, my friends. If you feel that your air conditioning system is not functioning correctly, you have to take it to your mechanic. Otherwise, a check-up and maintenance every 2 years is an excellent way to keep your car at the best of its performance.

What should you get checked during the AC service?

Contrary to popular beliefs, an AC service is not just simple regulations, and there are a lot more things you need to do for that. Some of the things you need to have checked are:

  • Check the AC temperature
  • Check the AC pressure levels
  • Inspect for leaks and if there are UV dye
  • Pressure test with nitrogen
  • Recover all gas from your AC system
  • Re-gas system with UV dye and R134a
  • The evacuate system

These are the most common things that need to be checked during the service and maintenance and are usually all the problem areas.

Common AC problems


The most common problem for AC is low gas which causes the system not to operate and is one of the most straightforward fixes out there. As argued earlier, the AC system is meant to be sealed, and in most cases, if it’s not correctly sealed, then it’s most likely why the system is low on gas. A leak somewhere in the system will cause the AC to malfunction; some of the other most common issues are:

  • AC is blowing hot air
  • AC is not blowing cold air
  • Clunking or rattling noise when you switch on the AC
  • Fluid leaking
  • Order coming out of the vents
  • Weak airflow. Low or uneven air pressure

The best way to fix way of these ideas is to go to your local mechanic who will be best able to help you with all your vehicle problems and they’ll be able to change any damaged components and will be able to fix your car and AC system.

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