Troubleshooting: How To Use A Car Diagnostic Case?

The car diagnostic kit is very useful when your vehicle breaks down. Indeed, it allows you to quickly detect the origin of the problem. You want to buy one, but you don’t know how to use it? Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is advisable to have a small notion on this case. Rest assured, the comfort of use offered by this device is accessible to all.

General information on the car diagnostic case


Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to call upon the services of a mechanic to perform a car diagnosis. In fact, the diagnostic case will do everything for you. It is a programmed computer whose role is to ensure the collection of information relating to the operation of the engine of the vehicle concerned. Thanks to this, it is easy to detect the origin of the breakdown. In short, this device allows you to evaluate the health of your car effectively.

Functioning of the car diagnostic kit

In order to collect all the information about the functioning of your vehicle’s engine, the car diagnostic kit must be connected to the car’s diagnostic socket. Once the information is collected, it will make a complete diagnosis to find any possible failures. After that, it will proceed to reprogram all the defective elements.

Use of the car diagnostic kit


Contrary to popular belief, the use of a car diagnostic kit is not at all complicated. To operate it, plug it into the OBD socket of your vehicle, then install sensors in the operating area of its engine. Then, turn on the ignition and make sure your car doesn’t start. Once the case is connected, it will read the faults, which are usually displayed as codes. These codes can be permanent or fleeting.

  • Permanent codes: allow the detection of defects that prevent your car from working. Codes can be removed only after they have been repaired.
  • Fugitive Codes: These are used to detect minor faults that your vehicle has experienced.

If you don’t know how to read the codes displayed, remember this: they are usually five characters long. The leading letter can be B for the body, C for chassis, P for powertrain, and U for undefined.

Good to know: In total, there are about 5,000 diagnostic error codes, some of which are classified as generic and others as specified. The first always begins with 0, while the second starts with 1.

Cost of the Car Diagnostic Kit

The possession of a car diagnostic kit is not mandatory for drivers. However, it is highly recommended, as it can help them avoid surprise breakdowns.

In terms of price, this case is very accessible. Indeed, with a budget of 15 dollars, it is possible to find a diagnostic case. However, it does not include software. To buy a more sophisticated model, you will have to pay about 60 dollars.

Good to know: the choice of a car diagnostic case is not made at random. Certain criteria must be considered, including the compatibility of the device.

With a diagnostic case that is compatible with all makes of vehicles, you will enjoy many advantages. In fact, you don’t need to buy a case for each of your cars, because one piece of equipment can fix everything, which will save you a lot of money.

Uses of the car diagnostic case


Generally speaking, the car diagnostic kit is used to check the condition of various components of a car. Among them, we can mention the lighting system, the braking system elements, the intake system, the ground connection system, etc.

The car diagnostic kit also helps people with no mechanical experience to know the condition of their vehicle’s engine without getting their hands dirty.

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