How to Remove Rust and Use Bodywork Suction Cup

How to Remove Rust

Step 1: Remove rust spots on the bodywork

Step 2: Repair the bodywork

Step 3: Repaint the body

Step 4: Use rustproofing products as a preventive measure.

Traces of rust can appear on the body of a car, especially when it is confronted with the saltiness of snowy roads or the salt often present at the seaside.

Here are a few tips to remove rust spots on a car’s body and prevent them from reappearing.

1. Remove rust spots on the bodywork

Removing rust spots on the body of a car, motorcycle, or another vehicle requires a preparation method that depends on the extent of the area attacked. For this purpose :

Scrape the part of the body covered with rust using a suitable abrasive paper, usually with a very fine grain.

Apply a rustproofing solution to the affected area.

Allow drying for a few moments.

2. Repair the body

How to Remove Rust and Use Bodywork Suction Cup

Delimit the area to be painted with special body tape.

Apply filler.

Smooth out any unevenness with a plastic or silicone spatula.

Wait a few moments for the filler to harden completely.

Sand the filler with a fine, suitable abrasive paper.

Dust off the entire unit with a soft bristle brush.

3. Repaint the bodywork

Apply the first coat of paint of the same colour as the vehicle: a task to be performed away from direct sunlight.

Allow drying for several hours as indicated on the product label before applying the second coat of paint.

Good to know: It is essential to wear gloves, masks and goggles when performing repair work on a body.

4. Use rustproofing products as a preventive measure.

 There are anti-rust products marketed in specialised stores, auto centres and retail sites to prevent the appearance of corrosion marks on the body of a car.

They are usually in aerosol form and have the particularity of effectively protecting the bodywork against rust. These products contain:



specific solvents.

Good to know: do not hesitate to regularly apply a rust protection product on the underbody of a vehicle to increase its effectiveness.

Bodywork suction cup: use of a bodywork suction cup

Bodywork suction cups: for small deformations

How to use a suction cup

Bodywork suction pads: from $10

An essential bodywork tool for dent removal.

To repair your vehicle, different types of bodywork tools exist:

– car paint can or body pencil,

– body filler,

– bodywork suction cup, etc.

Bodywork suction cup: for small deformations

How to Remove Rust and Use Bodywork Suction Cup

A suction cup is a specific tool for bodywork repairs. Used to straighten slight deformations, it is circular and has different diameters. It consists of:

– rubber support to be applied to the surface of the bodywork to be dented,

– 2 handles used to:

◦ actuating the pulling force,

◦ remove the suction cup.

Using a suction cup: instructions for use

To remove dents from the bodywork with a suction cup,:

– Place the movable handles of the suction cup in the open position,

– Apply the rubberised surface to the area to be straightened,

– Apply the rubber surface to the area to be straightened, and move the handle so that the suction cup adheres to the bodywork.

Finally, the handle is pulled vigorously until the sheet is completely straightened.

Body suction cups: from $10

The price of suction cups varies according to the quality, diameter and pulling force:


Diameter (in mm)

Pulling force (in kg)

Price (in $)



10 à 20



15 à 30



30 à 60



80 à 100

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