How to Choose Your Caravan Tyres


– Criteria for choosing caravan tyres

– Ensuring the longevity of your caravan tyres

Caravan tyres should be changed regularly, regardless of their condition: it’s a question of safety.

While it is important to know the main criteria for choosing caravan tyres, it is equally important to understand how to prolong their life. Here’s a guide.

Caravan tyre selection criteria

You should not overlook the most important criteria for choosing caravan tyres. Before buying, you should therefore pay attention to:

– The tyres’ size: you should refer to the dimensions recommended by the manufacturer.

– The load index: i.e. the maximum load that the tyres will have to bear. If it is lower than the actual load, there is a risk that one or more tyres will burst. This represents a real danger for the towing vehicle driver, passengers, and other road users.

– Speed rating: per the statutory speed limit for a towed caravan of 90 km/h on motorways – this rating is at least G.

You can fit reinforced tyres to a caravan as long as the speed and load ratings and dimensions are respected. Compared to conventional tyres, reinforced tyres are capable of carrying higher loads.

Guaranteed longevity of caravan tyres

The time a caravan is parked is usually long, and the impact on the tyres is considerable: they tend to deform. However, it is possible to limit wear and tear by adopting one of the following solutions:

– Raising the caravan with jacks so that the tyres are no longer in contact with the ground.

– Place the caravan on special metal supports so that it is no longer resting on its tyres.

– If the caravan is resting on its tyres when parked, it is recommended that the caravan be lifted once a month to turn all four tyres a quarter turn.

Waiting until the caravan tyres are worn out before replacing them is not always necessary. It is advisable to change them every 6 years, even if they seem to be in good condition.

Caravan tyres with a lifetime guarantee


 The impact on the tyres is significant when a caravan is parked for an extended period: they tend to distort. However, you can reduce wear and tear by implementing one of the following strategies:

 – Use jacks to raise the caravan so the tyres are no longer in contact with the ground.

 – Support the caravan with suitable metal supports so that it does not sit on its tyres.

 – If the caravan is parked on its tyres, it is advised to be lifted once a month, and all four tyres turn a quarter turn.

Waiting until the caravan tyres are worn out is not always necessary before changing them. Even if they appear to be in good shape, it is recommended to replace them every 6 years.

 Good to know: the price of a caravan tyre varies according to its brand of tyre, its dimensions, and efficiency. Before buying, it is worth comparing caravan tyre prices on specialised websites and in dedicated shops.

RV Roma is one good place to go in Melbourne if you seek a trailer with good tyres. Please remember to share your experience in the comments section below since your opinion matters, and our readers rely on it to make their decisions. On that note, I wish you a wonderful trip in your caravan!

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