The Benefits of Choosing a Cab for Patient Transportation

Nowadays, the cab is the most popular means of transportation for everyone. It is the safest and most efficient mode of transportation for people with reduced mobility, so it is prevalent for transporting a patient to a medical center. Not only for transporting the sick, but the cab is also the most requested by individuals. Using a licensed cab service offers many advantages. Find out the good reasons to choose a taxi to transport patients.

Taking Care of the Patient

When a patient uses an approved cab to go to a medical center, he or she is covered. All costs related to the medical trip are covered by the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie), a general local organization. This organization reimburses part or all of the expenses related to the various medical services. Generally, it reimburses 65% of transportation costs, but for a pregnant woman or a newborn hospitalized, the CPAM reimburses the entire cost. The goal is to allow patients to be at ease during their various appointments with their doctors.

The Driver’s Competence

Cab drivers are professional in the performance of their job. They are also known for their punctuality. They do not keep their clients waiting. To offer maximum comfort to the patients during the transport, they especially bet on the quality of their service. In addition, they offer a personalized accompaniment for people who cannot move on their own. They help them get in and out of the vehicle. Apart from that, the drivers of the ambulance cabs have undergone special training before practicing the profession to offer assistance to patients with difficulty. For example, they can perform first aid if necessary. With this type of transportation, you get the service of a caring and creative driver.

A Comfortable Way To Travel

Unlike a conventional cab, a contracted cab allows you to travel comfortably even if you are ill. Even for people with reduced mobility, the drivers take care of their wheelchairs. Moreover, you will not have to worry about where to park the car. Knowing that the parking lot of a hospital is often far from the building, it is complicated to move when you are tired or unable to walk. Therefore, using the services of a contracted cab helps to alleviate any anxiety.

Moreover, this type of transportation also drives you with discretion, unlike ambulances. They will pick you up at your home without your neighbors knowing about your situation. In addition, to help you feel comfortable during the transport, the cab is equipped with all the necessary equipment for patient care. It is also clean and well maintained to ensure patient hygiene.

Criteria to Benefit From the Service of a Cab Conventionné

It would be best if you met certain conditions to benefit from the services offered by the cab conventionné. Indeed, you must have a medical prescription for transportation that you must present to the driver. After examining your state of health, your doctor will recommend whether you need to be transported by this means of health care. Then, a social security certificate is also necessary. This means that the CPAM health insurance covers you.

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