When Is a Tire Repair Possible?

Can you repair a damaged or punctured tyre? That’s what you’re asking yourself when you see it flat… A punctured or damaged tyre does not necessarily have to be changed. Here’s the good news! You have driven over a sharp object on the road. Then you notice that your tyre is damaged or punctured. What should you do? At first, you will continue to drive with your spare tyre. Then, in the evening, after work, you go to a garage to repair your tyre.

A flat or damaged tyre that cannot be repaired is changed in pairs. This means you must also change the other tyre on the same axle; therefore, the final cost will be pretty high.

However, a damaged tyre does not always have to be changed. In many cases, it can also be repaired. Therefore, you should find a suitable garage that ensures that you do not have to change your tyres too often.

A tyre can be repaired up to two times in a row.

A damaged or punctured tyre does not have to be changed systematically. You can have it repaired up to two times. This way, you can extend the life of your tyres. You will save money and produce less waste.

In all circumstances, if you damage your tyre(s), you should have it checked by a professional. First, he will remove your damaged or punctured tyre. He will then look at the puncture if it is significant and where it is located. Depending on the impact, the position and the size of the prick, he will be able to repair the tyre or not.

What are the conditions for having your tyre repaired?

First of all, to be repaired, the hole must be located on the tread and not exceed 6 millimetres. So if your tyres have a puncture on the shoulder, you cannot have it repaired. However, in some cases, you can get a repair if the puncture is on the sidewall. This is the case if the hole does not exceed 3 millimetres for tyres with a speed rating of T or less, i.e. 190km/h.

You can also have your tyre repaired if the internal structure of your tyre is not damaged. To find out, your mechanic will remove the tyre and check it from the inside.

In addition, your tyres must not be worn out. If your tyre is old, you will have to replace it before its expiration date. Yes, tires also expire. Remember to request the tyre experts to check the expiry date next time you go to a tyre shop.

In addition, they will check your tyre for wrinkles during the internal inspection after a puncture. Unfortunately, if they find any, you will have to buy a new one.

You should also be aware that you cannot have your tyre repaired if you use a puncture-proof spray to close the hole in a punctured tyre. Despite the tyre needing to be cleaned from the inside to have it checked, this product cannot be removed completely if you have used it more than 24 hours before you arrive at the garage.

Repairing a tyre: how is this possible?

When Is a Tire Repair Possible

If you can get your tyre repaired, you will only pay some dollars. However, if you have to change it, you will often have to buy two new tyres (1 pair). It is advisable to change two tyres on the same axle. In this case, your final bill can be pretty high.

The tyre can be repaired in different ways:

1. Either from the inside or the outside. 

To do this, the tyre expert will enlarge the hole in your tyre and insert a rubber drill to close the hole. If he chooses this repair method from the outside, he will not check the tyre from the inside.

2. However, repairing the tyre from the inside is the safest option. 

The professional will dismount the tyre, and after checking it, he will close the hole by gluing a patch on the inside. Whatever the repair method, your garage is the only one that can say whether or not a tyre is repairable.

The excellent condition of your tyres is essential to ensure a safe drive, so it would help to have your tyres checked regularly and get your damaged tyre repaired by a professional.

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