What Is a Transportation Company?

The transportation sector is experiencing meteoric development, especially with the growth and interest in tourism. Thus, several transportation companies have emerged to meet the ever-growing demand effectively. They are beneficial, especially when there is perfect knowledge of their service offerings.


A transport company specializes in moving goods and/or people from one point to another. It uses land (road transport) and air (air transport).

The Services of a Transport Company
A transport company offers many services. The Reunionese company of transport the passengers offers, among others:

-Transport of groups
-Airport transfer
-Bus rental with drivers
-Minibus rental
-VTC service (Vehicle of Tourism with Driver)
-Group transportation

SRTV provides transportation for individuals, companies, communities and especially tourists. For all your travels on Reunion Island, this transport company accompanies you. Passing through the region offers you excursions to beautiful sites with a well-designed calendar and a lovely program.

The Transfer to the Airport

In Reunion Island, getting from the airport to your destination is often difficult and vice versa. This is especially true when you are not familiar with the area. This is why SRTV provides chauffeur-driven cars for all your travel needs. These drivers have a perfect knowledge of the region. All you have to do is give them the reference of your destination.

Bus and Minibus Rental With Drivers

For all your school trips (educational outings and others), your company trips, your tourist outings, and many others, SRTV helps you through its bus rental service. Indeed, for these types of tours, the problem of places arises in front of the number of passengers. SRTV’s buses are designed to fit your needs.

In addition to buses, custom-made mini-buses allow you to travel comfortably and in ideal conditions. They are perfect for family excursions. For both buses and mini buses, you can have a driver proposed by the company. He is experienced, courteous, punctual, and attentive to your needs. Moreover, the transport company’s rates are specially studied to correspond to all the budgets. You are entitled to a detailed and personalized estimate of the envisaged service.

Chauffeured Vehicle

A chauffeured vehicle is a means of transportation that resembles a cab. A driver is at your disposal for all your trips. Unlike a cab, the VTC does not have a sign. To benefit from the services of a VTC, it is necessary to make a reservation at least 15 minutes before your departure.

The reservation of a VTC service at SRTV is made by phone or by contacting them on their websites, and you must communicate your route to the driver. However, SRTV is suitable for your travels on the whole island of Reunion. This means of transport offers many advantages, notably: the quality of the service (a customizable service), security, and a fixed cost which is that of the reservation.

The Creation of a Transport Company

Creating a transport company requires the justification of a financial capacity and specific conditions of exercise, including the request for approval from the Regional Direction of Environment, Development, and Housing (DREAL). SRTV has had its approval since 1999 for the transport of people.

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