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How to Identify Brake Disc Wear?

In a vehicle, certain elements must be checked regularly to fully guarantee the safety of the driver and his passengers. This is the case with the braking system, which will tend to wear out gradually. The complete and sudden failure is a fact reserved for Hollywood action movies…

What is a brake disc?

The brake disc is the central part of the braking system. Attached to the wheel hub, it is also connected to pads (which are themselves juxtaposed to pistons) that will rub the disc on each side when the mechanism is activated.
The action is as follows: when the driver wants to slow down the vehicle, the brake fluid emits pressure around the pistons which will, in turn, press the pads on the brake disc, which is attached to the wheels. This blocks the inertia process, and the car stops.
Good to know: the effort and the friction force cause a lot of heat in a very short time. This heat must be dissipated as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the system. For this reason, the brake discs are perforated along their entire length.

How to identify brake disc wear?

If you are not a mechanical specialist, it doesn’t matter! Be alert and listen for suspicious noises and unusual vibrations that predict the problem. Worn out or in poor condition, the brake disc mechanism stretches and danger becomes imminent.
There are a few warning signs that can alert you to the problem:
– the pedal is hard when your foot crashes into it;
– The pedal is soft or springy;
– The pedal is soft or springy; or it digs into the floor without resistance;
– The brakes are jerking.
If no problem is diagnosed, you should still know that brake discs should be replaced every 50,000 miles or so. Brake discs and brake pads are components that work together. If you change one, you must change the other. A period of adjustment is necessary. The driver should be careful during the first 300 km and avoid hard braking.

Changing brake discs: by whom and at what price?

It is strongly recommended to have the brake discs and pads changed by a professional. The braking system is one of the elements that guarantee the driver’s safety. A simple mistake can have serious consequences, and your insurance may refuse to compensate you in case of an accident.
Prices vary depending on the brand, the quality and the place of purchase of the product. Prices start at around $35 in online stores. In a store specializing in high-end products, the bill can be as high as $135.
Good to know: to be sure that your car has the tools it needs for the braking system to work properly, don’t hesitate to refer to your vehicle’s maintenance booklet or ask your garage for advice.

What about motorcycle brake discs?

brake disc

The braking system on a motorcycle is almost identical to that of a car. The disc brakes are hydraulically operated, and the brake fluid also operates the system here.
The major difference is that the brake discs have been made double at the front of the motorcycle so that the force is distributed as well as possible on both sides of the fork. The motorcycle brake discs are also more heavily perforated, allowing heat to escape more quickly.
Like car brake discs, they can be purchased from online retailers or specialty mechanical stores. The first prices start at around $50. For high-end discs, the amount can be as high as $300.
Good to know: as with a car, it is better to have your motorcycle brake discs checked and changed by a professional.

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