How to Choose Your Car Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of your car does not satisfy you any more. Why not change it and replace it with a fancy steering wheel adapted to your taste and style? How do you choose the right one without compromising your driving safety parameters? Follow our advice before buying your car steering wheel!

Features of the car steering wheel

There are a number of things to consider before you buy your adaptive steering wheel.

Car steering wheel and airbag

The airbag is a preventive safety system consisting of a cushion that deploys under the effect of a pyrotechnic device in case of impact. It turns out that, in most cases, adaptable steering wheels do not integrate this system and require its neutralization during assembly.

Ergonomics of the car steering wheel

The original steering wheel is particularly suitable for the operation of the satellite devices: headlight control; windshield wiper control; horn; turn signals; steering wheel control of the car radio; cruise control and speed limiter.

Caution: replacing the steering wheel can lead to problems with access to the ancillary controls, which can sometimes be extremely disabling for driving.

Integration of the steering wheel into the driving space

It is essential to study beforehand the perfect integration of the adaptable steering wheel in the driving position and to ensure that there is no friction with the protective plastic casings and that the steering wheel is correctly positioned in the space to avoid arm fatigue.

Proper sizing of the steering wheel

The diameter of the adaptable steering wheel should be as close as possible to that of the original steering wheel. If it is smaller, or conversely larger, it will result in greater efforts and a longer reaction time.

The different models of car steering wheels

The most commonly observed specimens are the tuning, retro and sport steering wheels.

The steering wheels of car tuning

They bring an additional and singular touch to the look, in adequacy with the transformed elements of the vehicle:

  • The aviation type tuning wheel: it can be circular with a horizontal base, or even with open spokes.

  • The “premium” tuning steering wheel: it is made of noble materials, keeping the design of the original steering wheel, but in real leather with aluminum parts.

Retro car steering wheels

With a larger diameter, the retro steering wheel can be completed with a circular chrome arm that acts as a horn, just like the American cars of the 1950s.

Sports car steering wheels

How to Choose Your Car Steering Wheel

The sport steering wheel is mainly mounted on vehicles prepared for rally or competition. It is often made of three openwork spokes, usually of aluminum type, associated with a specific hub.

Where and at what price to buy a car steering wheel?

The different types of car steering wheels are available on a multitude of websites specialized in tuning or competition, promotional sites, or in traditional car centers.

A wide range of models is available according to individual tastes and uses as long as they do not alter safety and ergonomics.

Types of steering wheels



Fancy tuning wheel

Black chamois or aluminum temples with ABS inserts

$100 – $290

Aviation-type tuning wheel

Carbon or two-tone

$70 – $140

Retro steering wheel

3 sleek metal branches or with integrated horn branch American car

$130 – $500

Sports steering wheel

3-spoke high-tech steering wheel with integrated controls

$100 – $300

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