How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro

There’s so much more than the usual washing and drying of your car. Proper cleaning and washing will ensure a more durable and shiny car. Follows are some steps for washing your car like a pro!

Clean the Interior

Begin with cleaning the interior of your car first. Tackle the floor mats and vacuum all the spots clean. Use a hose to remove any debris. Dust the dashboard, door panels, and upholstery. Make sure to reach through all the crevices.

The Widows

Use a foam cleanser on all your windows, both interior and exterior part, and wipe with a piece of cloth. Work in an S-motion horizontally as this allows you to see which side has streaks and needs another pass. Roll down the windows a bit and wipe the top edges as well.

Clean the Exterior

Hose down the entire car before scrubbing soapy water all over it. Make sure to rinse properly to remove all the soap afterward. Clean the tires and wheels using a second mitt or sponge. Once the car is dry, add a shiny, protective layer. One coat may last around 3 months. You may also polish the lens of the headlights if they have dulled or yellowed.

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