Spark Plugs – How does the stuff work?

What is a spark plug & how does it work?
A spark plug is a small electrical device which is plugged into the cylinder head of the engine. The spark plug ignites a mixture of air and fuel to create a tiny explosion that drives a piston which is attached to a crankshaft. This, in turn, transfers energy via a couple of more connections to the wheels to propel the vehicle. To sum up – no spark means no combustion, hence no power for the engine.

How to install new spark plugs?
Spark plugs are plugged in a space under the hood and that’s it. With the proper equipment, you can do it yourself. You will need a click-type torque wrench to unbolt a slot. Then, unplug the old or damaged spark plugs to replace them with newer ones. That’s it!

Are diesel engine concerned?
Diesel engines are different and do not use spark plugs. Instead, they are ignited with Glow Plugs.

How to inspect spark plugs?
Once you have removed the plugs, you can tell their condition.

If they look fine and the engine is running well, it means the plugs are good so you can put them back into the cylinder.

Yet, if they look fine but with a red coating, it means leftover additives from low-quality gasoline. Worry not, you just need to clean them off. How? Use a piece of cloth inhibited with any high-quality gasoline, and clean the plugs. Then, put them back, and that’s it.

However, if the plug electrode looks worn – that thin little wire looks brittle and thinner than a new plug, you should replace it.


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