Review of 10 Best Shock Absorbers

Driving is a sheer pleasure when the ride is comfortable. This blog post follows my recent post on When is the Best Time to Replace Struts and Shock Absorbers? Driving on the smoothest highway would feel as any gravel road without your shock absorbers. Do not be under the false impression that it is the shocks that support your car. Not at all, because this is the job of the coil springs. Your shocks are here to provide you with a comfortable drive and avoid vibrations which can loosen other parts of your vehicle.

When the time has come to change your shocks, you want shocks that will allow you to drive confidently by providing better car handling and stability.

Here is a list of the 10 best shock absorbers on the market.

1. Monroe OESpectrum
Monroe shocks are based on Tenneco’s Twin Technology Active Control System. They have the particularity of being able to adjust the damping rate to match your current driving conditions. These shocks easily filter out road irregularities to keep your wheels on track even on the rockiest road. Monroe shocks allow you to sit in complete comfort and control of your vehicle.

2. Monroe Max-Air
These are air shocks that will allow you to carry up to 1,000 pounds of additional load with no loss of ride height (the car won’t squat). The technology in these shocks allows you to inflate an air chamber for 150 pounds per square inch so that you can carry heavy loads. These shocks are highly recommended for drivers that carry a lot of weight in their vehicles.

3. Monroe Gas Magnum
The Magnum brand from Monroe has always been for increased size, and therefore this one is no exception. This is a truck shock absorber that’s larger than the average shock. It has an extended reserve tube that offers more support with lower pressure. What you get here is the usual comfort from Monroe + it last longer than the standard shock.

4. Koni Coil-Over Shocks
This is a superb combination of shocks and struts. These are adjustable shocks! They fit within the coil spring to support the car and dampen vibrations. What you get here are both comfort and handling.

5. Bilstein B6 HD Shocks
You have a passenger car but at times you feel like driving a bit sporty – you let your adrenaline rise a bit, take the sharp turns like a pilot and test the performance of your car. Vroom.. vrooommm…! You get the picture, right? So, if you are this type of driver, you will love the Bilstein B6 HD Shocks. They are a great option to give you performance handling together with a comfortable ride! You will drive confidently with the level of safety and handling capacity of these shocks. But remember, be careful when you drive.

6. Bilstein B8 Sport Series
These shocks are for sports cars. The Bilstein B8 Sport Series provides firm control and superb performance for lowered cars (sports cars or tuned cars). These are monotube shocks and they are a perfect choice if you need to replace your existing ones.

7. Gabriel Ultra Shocks
In 1907, Gabriel had introduced the first automotive shock absorber in America – the Gabriel Snubber. In 1918, they had unveiled the first hydraulic shock absorber. The trademark Gabriel itself is synonymous with technology-advanced products. So, when quality, performance, and comfort are what matters to you as a driver, go for it. Get your pair of Gabriel and you will be among the happiest drivers.
What do you get? The company’s G-Force technology, these shocks give you an instant response on uneven surfaces. Your car will not have time to bounce even when you go over a bump!

8. Gabriel MaxControl
SUV drivers are often disappointed after shifting from car to SUV. This is because they feel like driving a truck! With Gabriel MaxControl on your SUV or your truck, you get the same car comfort that you have been used to, without compromising your needs as an SUV/truck owner.

9. KYB MonoMax
Do you want maximum performance from your truck or SUV? Here, you are not looking for the same comfort as offered by a car but you want something robust, that will do the job for what you are hauling. These shocks are not the most expensive ones, but they will keep your tires on the ground even when you are driving off the road, independent of the weather or other driving conditions. These are heavy-duty shocks designed for heavy-duty jobs.

10. KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks
These ultimate shocks are for the racing enthusiasts. Do you want optimum performance in all conditions? You may need to change your suspension settings according to your driving sensations if you are a competing pilot. KYB AGX adjustable shocks allow you to keep your shocks. They simply fit your new suspension settings and adjust themselves easily.

Your shock absorbers are important to keep your tires running smoothly and providing you good handling capacity. I hope the above will help you choose the most appropriate shocks for your vehicle.

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