Should I Repair My Car Before Selling It

In 2016, an analysis by IHS which is the automotive industry’s leading source for market-wide insight reported that the average length of ownership of light vehicles was 11,6 years.

After some years, you may want to sell your car but selling your vehicle can be a true headache if you do not know much about cars. Worry not, you don’t need to be a mechanic to sell your car. In this post, you will learn if you should repair your car before selling it.

Why Would A Car Owner Want To Sell His/Her Car?
After five years of usage, inevitably the mechanical parts start getting old and need to be replaced. This could be anything from the suspension, the electrical wiring or any other parts under the hood.

Some owners will sell their cars simply because they want to get new ones and some owners want to sell their vehicles because they want to avoid frequent visits to the mechanic and this can be stressful and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, it becomes a real nightmare when the repairs are just never-ending (each time you walk away from the mechanic, you have to come back on the following month because another issue has cropped up!). You can avoid such stressful situations if you deal with a genuine auto garage. Auto Passion has a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable mechanics who are committed to providing the best service possible.

Get your car evaluated by an expert evaluator

You can seek the advice of a car evaluator who will tell you the real worth of your vehicle and advise you whether it is worth investing in some repairs and upgrades or you should preferably sell the car at a low price. Hopefully, you will be able to use the same amount of money to buy a second-hand car which is in a better running condition. The evaluator should have a good network of car owners to refer you to.

When Are Repairs Necessary?

When you have not contacted any car dealer and you want to sell the car on your own, you’re forced to search out for solutions that will maximize your chance of a fast sale at a good price. Repairs become necessary when major components are not working correctly. For example, radiator, car battery, fuel pump, spark plugs, power steering pump, a cracked fuel tank or a squeaky suspension. If these parts are not in good condition, potential buyers will be reluctant to buy your vehicle.

Mechanical problems that will greatly devaluate your car

Squeaky suspension

For instance, if your car has a squeaky suspension, you know how annoying that sound can be and at the same time it keeps reminding the occupants and everybody around that something is wrong with the vehicle.

Your car may have a faulty suspension that is making the steering geometry inaccurate while increasing tire tread wear. Usually, three types of joints go bad in your suspension settings. It may have to do with 1) Torn or dried rubber bushings, 2) Bad ball joints, 3) Bad rubber mounts. If you own an older vehicle, a squeaky suspension is normally common, but for recent vehicles, the symptoms may be that of a deeper problem.

The squeaky noises are telling you that those deeper problems are about to arise with the car. Nobody would ever want to buy such a car. This is where contacting Auto Passion can help you out. When you contact them, they have a team of qualified and experienced mechanics who will inspect your vehicle, diagnose any problems, and then advise you on any work repairs that must be done.

Fuel Injector Problem

Your car may be hard to start or rough idling. There could be a hard smell of fuel and poor gas consumption. That’s when you can smell petrol in the car or it is doing fewer miles per gallon of fuel. You notice poor acceleration and gas leaks from the injector seals. In this case, if you don’t bother to replace the fuel injector on time, it can further damage other parts such as fuel pumps, valves, and distributors. Normally, the owner’s manual tells you after how many miles you should be replacing the car injector.

Car Dent Removal

The aesthetic part should also be considered to create an honest initial impression to potential buyers to persuade them that your car has been well-maintained. But, if you can recover the cost of these repairs from a good selling price, then you can consider investing in such repairs. Established over 20 years ago, Auto Passion is a leading auto repair shop which is fully equipped to offer a wide range of panel beating and restoration services, including car dent removal.

Hope the above will help you decide if you should repair your vehicle before selling it.

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