The Importance of Car Servicing

The better care you take of your car, the longer it will take care of you! As a vehicle owner, it is vitally important that you carry out regular maintenance on your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will be a lot more likely to be prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to you being greatly out of pocket.

By performing routine maintenance and servicing on your vehicle, it will highly reduce the risk of serious problems occurring in the future as well as improve the driving quality of your vehicle.

Benefits of Car Servicing

Getting your vehicle serviced regularly will benefit you in various ways:


Getting your car regularly serviced will ensure your safety on the road! There are many reasons behind automotive accidents, however, one cause of concern is car neglect. Malfunctioning steering and braking systems, low level of fluids, worn out windshield wipes and other car related problems can cause serious accidents on the road. Therefore, during servicing, professionals will confirm that everything is functioning properly.

Increase Car Performance

Regular servicing will enable you to prevent wear and tear of the internal mechanics of your vehicle. A well serviced car is more responsive, smooth and allows you to enjoy the ride.

Ensure Fuel Efficiency

Regular servicing along with oil changing will save you money on fuel!

Prolong Your Car’s Life

Servicing helps prevent malfunctioning of your vehicle. It will increase its performance, fuel efficiency and prolong its life span.

Lower the Cost of Operation

A well serviced car lowers the cost of driving by preventing major problems that may end up costing more.

Create a Servicing Record

A servicing record ensures the resale value of your vehicle. Warranties require a certain amount of service checks to ensure the validity of your car. Therefore, scheduling servicing can be in your best interest.   

When and How Much Does Servicing Cost?

Whenever you think of car servicing, 2 main questions pop in your mind:

1.      When to Get the Car Serviced?

The length between services differs from car to car. To know when your car is due to its scheduled service, you can check the vehicle’s handbook. On the other hand, an increasing number of cars offer a digital display which counts down the number of days or miles until the next service.

2.      How Expensive is Car Servicing?

You must be thinking that having your car serviced can be costly! However, it is important to bear in mind that not having your car serviced can be even more expensive. For example, the engine’s oil ages, its lubricating properties begin to deteriorate, causing the engine to perform less efficiently thus, it uses more fuel.

The Risk of Failing to Service Your Vehicle

Failing to carry out regular car servicing can lead to more severe issues in the future. Certain mechanical failures can occur which will leave more expense! Some of the costly issues that can occur if your vehicle is not serviced are:

Fixing or replacing the cylinder

The need to either fix or replace the cylinder in your vehicle is often a sign of constant neglect. Cylinder failure occurs when the correct mixture of fuel, air and sparks are missing, which leads to the cylinder overheating and then failing.

Replacing the transmission assembly

Transmission problems can be caused if you miss your regular servicing. These problems are rare only if regular maintenance, especially if you follow your manufacturer’s guide, is carried out. Without a fully functioning transmission, your car will be unable to turn and to replace the transmission assembly could cost you a lot.

Replacing the camshaft

Failure to change your oil regularly and cleaning your valves will lead to dirt building up, which in turn can result in the failing of the camshaft. Most of the time, this happens if regular servicing and maintenance are neglected.

Hire the Most Reliable Company

As you can see with just some of the possible problems that can occur without regular servicing, the consequence of it can be very expensive. In order, to avoid having to pay out vast sums of money, it is important to ensure you carry out the servicing duties.

Serving clients throughout Campbellfield and surrounding areas, The Mechanic Auto Repairs is fully equipped and skilled to deliver comprehensive car servicing. They also perform logbook servicing, provide roadworthy certificates and more. By hiring them, you can rest assured knowing they will take care of your vehicle as if it was their own.

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