How to Change Your Car Air Filter?


    – Car air filter: principle and characteristics

    – Car air filter maintenance

    – How to change the car air filter?

The car air filter is an essential element for combustion engines. It retains impurities and ensures the good health of the main parts of the car’s mechanics in the intake chamber. If the filter is in poor condition, the consequences can be dramatic. The first sign of weakness in the car air filter, you should replace it.  

Car air filter: principle and characteristics

The car air filter is one of the mechanical parts that wear out irreparably and must be changed over time. Its role is to protect the engine from dust, sand, and impurities.

There are different types of car air filters: 

    – Dry air filters: they are made of paper or cotton. They can be round or rectangular but always enclosed in an airtight box. These are the most commonly used models on vehicles today. 

    – Wet air filters: These are rare but still exist under some hoods. They are made of foam and are slightly damp so that particles harmful to the engine can be more easily trapped in the material. 

    – Oil bath filters: These are almost non-existent in cities. They are used for certain municipal vehicles specializing in rugged terrain or racing cars in the Sahara. The sand is too great and would not allow a car to travel more than 5,000 km without the engine giving up the ghost if a simple paper air filter protected it. 

Car air filter maintenance

The car air filter is one of the many ways to keep your engine in good condition.

If it begins to clog, the symptoms are simple to detect: 

    – Fuel consumption is increasing. 

    – Dark smoke coming out of the exhaust. 

    – The engine loses power. 

    – The vehicle may be at a standstill. 

It is therefore essential to check its condition from time to time and change it if necessary. 

Dry air filter

For a dry air filter, it is recommended to replace the part every 20,000 km. Some websites recommend cleaning the filter with a vacuum cleaner. This is possible but beware. A hole in the fragile paper structure would be highly detrimental to the motor.

Wet air filter

For a wet air filter, take the foam out of the filter housing and rinse it with a little hot water and dishwashing liquid. Be sure to wring out the material without twisting it. Let the moss dry naturally and put it back in its compartment. If you take good care of this piece, you will keep it for an indefinite period. However, if you don’t want to take any risk, it is recommended that you change it every 50,000 km.

Oil-bath air filter

An oil bath filter cannot be changed unless it is broken. It is sufficient to change the oil every 20,000 km and make sure that the oil never runs out. Suppose, due to lack of care; the oil becomes “muddy,” it is recommended to extract the iron straw from the mechanical part and let it soak in gasoline. Once the filter has been cleaned, pour back the engine oil. 

How do I change the car air filter? 

The dry paper air filter can be changed frequently, which is not so much the case for the wet air filter.

Good to know: in both situations, before opening the hood of your car, stabilize it! Remember to put the handbrake on, put it in gear and park it on level ground. 

To change the filter, proceed as follows:

    – Open the hood, and locate the housing that should be placed on top of the engine. Retrieve it by loosening the screws from the sealed box containing it and remove the air filter. 

    – Whether it’s made of foam or paper, remember to clean the inside of the box thoroughly, but don’t forget to protect the carburetor air intake at the same time. Nothing should get into your engine! 

    – Then replace the new air filter with the old one. Put the screws back in place and close the cover. 

That’s it; you are now done changing the air filter of your vehicle. Remember to let us know what you think of this post in the comment section below.

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