All About Steering Belt Maintenance


 Steering belt: its role

 Steering belt: maintenance

 Steering belt: purchase and price

 Steering belt: purchase and price

 All vehicles today are equipped with a steering assistance system, which is very useful for static maneuvers. The steering belt is often part of this comfort device. It is a critical component that can also drive other vehicle systems, such as air conditioning.

 Steering belt: its role


 The steering assist system uses hydraulic power to relieve the effort of steering.

 This hydraulic assistance is provided by an electric motor powered by the battery or the internal combustion engine through a steering belt that powers a hydraulic pump.


 The steering belt is made of synthetic polymer material, combining flexibility and strength.

 It can be:

 – trapezoidal section: rarely found on modern engines;

 – grooved: in this case, it is called an accessory belt because it also drives other components (alternator, water pump, air conditioning, etc.) and comprises three to six longitudinal grooves.

 Steering belt: maintenance

Steering Belt

 Possible malfunctions

 The symptoms of a defective steering belt are easy to spot:

 – A damaged (cracks, cracking) or slack belt will cause a particular squeal at the steering stop, where the hydraulic force is greatest, which can harden the steering.

 – A broken belt will result in a systematic hardening of the steering.

 – If you’re looking for a good address to have it replaced in Tullamarine, National Auto Group can take care of any problems your vehicle may have.


 This operation does not usually present any particular difficulty. The only problem is that accessing the belt can be problematic.

 However, the belt tensioning operation must be carried out with care, often with the help of a specific tension meter defined by the manufacturer.

 – Insufficient tension causes belt noises and inadequate power assistance.

 – Excessive tension causes premature aging of the belt and abnormal stresses on the bearings of the crankshaft and the steering pump.

 – That’s why you should take your car to a professional mechanic who will install it for you.

 Steering belt: purchase and price


 The price of a steering belt will be directly proportional to its length and width; here are some examples of prices:

Types of belts


Average price


Steering drive only

$15 à $35

3-ply V-belt L.700 mm

Steering drive only

$18 à $30

5-ply V-belt L.1100 mm

Accessory belt* (see below)

$25 à $45

6-ply V-belt L.975 mm

Accessory belt* (see below)

$30 à $55

6-ply V-belt L.1700 mm

Accessory belt* (see below)

$40 à $65

* The replacement of the accessory belt often implies replacing the tensioners and idlers (from 1 to 4). The price of the parts is then multiplied by a factor of 2 to 3.

 Finding a steering belt

  – The car’s dealer is the most reliable source for a steering belt identical to the original.

 – Automotive suppliers have a wide variety of belt models, but this does not prevent supply errors.

 – Specialized automotive and promotional websites will usually be able to provide you with a steering belt. However, often the choice is not significant, and common mistakes lead to waiting times and additional shipping costs.

 Good to know: How to avoid mistakes? It is necessary to provide as much information as possible when purchasing a steering belt: registration certificate, vehicle registration number, identification of the various additional components driven by the belt (alternator, water pump, etc.) and the used belt reference mentioned on it.

Hope this post has given you an idea of what awaits you for changing the steering belt. Remember to share your experience below.

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