What is an Exhaust Heat Protection Tape


 – Exhaust heat protection tape: principle and role

 – How to apply exhaust heat protection tape?

 – Exhaust gas heat protection tape: advantages and disadvantages

 – Exhaust gas heat protection tape: price

Shielding tape for exhaust gas helps to improve the flow of gases and to protect mechanical components. It is easy to apply and seems to increase the performance of the vehicle. However, it is not without risk, as its use can cause premature exhaust system corrosion.

Exhaust heat protection tape: principle and role

Exhaust heat protection tape is a consumable that increases the engine’s performance. The tape can be made of fibreglass or titanium, and it is bonded to the exhaust pipes to ensure better performance.

Its role is to keep the exhaust gases warm thanks to its thermal function, and at the same time to protect the rest of the ancillary parts present in the vicinity of the high heat zone. Thermal protection tape is capable of withstanding radiant heat of up to 1100°C.

How do I install exhaust heat protection tapes?

Heat protection tapes are very easy to install using a clamp. It can be helpful to keep the tapes wet to make the installation more accessible for you. Make sure you do not make any folds when you roll up the exhaust pipes. If you have a model where the tubes are close to each other, we advise you to wrap the tape around the whole assembly. An exhaust heat protection tape can last for some time if there is no friction. Note that working on the tubes one by one will add stress to the lines and risk premature degradation.

Good to know: once the installation is done, a thick smoke may appear during the first 40 minutes; this is nothing to worry about, do not fear a fire outbreak.

Exhaust gas heat protection tape: advantages and disadvantages



 It keeps the temperature high, increasing the flow of exhaust gases to be discharged more quickly.

 – The exhaust system and the engine are more efficient without these impediments.

 – The strips also protect the parts around the system that generate very high temperatures, and they are therefore protected from high temperatures and take longer to wear out.


However, depending on the vehicle and its use, the exhaust heat protection tape does not have only good qualities:

 – The exhaust system must be hot enough for a difference to be noticeable. The exhaust system has to be warm enough for a difference to be noticeable, so the system does not work on short journeys, and the tape soon becomes an unnecessary extra.

 – When the exhaust system cools down, the tapes retain moisture, which increases the risk of corrosion of the exhaust system.

 – The tapes remain fragile. If they are regularly rubbed, they will deteriorate very quickly.

Exhaust heat protection tape: price

There are different qualities of heat protection tape. The fibreglass model is less expensive than the titanium model but has a shorter service life.

On average, a 15 m x 5 cm tape costs about 40 dollars.

Heat protection tape is available for sale in all automotive specialist shops and on various e-commerce sites.

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