How to Change/Repair a Car Seat

The car seat is today both an element of comfort and safety. But it is also an aesthetic element to personalize your interior. Unfortunately, car seats are subject to use, and they can therefore wear out or become stained. We’ll explain how to change or repair a car seat in this post.

How to change the seats of your car?

If you are tired of your car seats, if they are stained or damaged by use, it is possible to change them. Several solutions are available to you:

    – Buy new covers for your car seats;

    – Recovering seats from junkyards where accident cars sometimes have seats that are still in excellent condition;

    – Completely redo the upholstery of your seats with a professional;

    – Renovate the upholstery of your seats.

If renovating the upholstery or reupholstering your car seats will have to be done by a professional, you can change the cover of a car seat yourself. There are three types of covers:

    – Universal covers, which you can buy on the Internet or in specialized car stores;

    – Adaptable covers, more adapted to the category of your car (sedan, minivan, etc.);

    – Customized covers, more expensive but correspond precisely to the model and style of your seats.

The advantage of a cover is aesthetic because it allows you to personalize your vehicle. But a new cover also serves as protection for the back and seat of your car. A great idea to protect your seats from a dog or children! To install your new car seat cover:

    1. Remove the headrest;

    2. Stretch the cover and attach the hooks and elastic with a screwdriver;

    3. Hang the elastic bands under the car seat;

    4. Tuck the cover under the headrest cover with the screwdriver;

    5. Put the headrest cover on and put it back on.

If you want to install a bucket seat or a heated and massaging seat on your car, we advise you to entrust this intervention to a professional. Indeed, you have to take into account the side airbags. For your safety, go to a specialist.

How to repair a car seat?

How to Change or Repair a Car Seat (1)



How to repair the foam of a car seat?

It is possible to repair the foam of a car seat. You have several options:

    – Buy an original part from your manufacturer, and it will cost you a few dozen dollars per foam.

    – Buy foam from a retailer or dealer and repair yourself. You will only pay a few dollars, but you will have to cut out the suitable template and then do some hollowing out before installing the new foam.

    – Glue the foam back on with neoprene glue. This will not hold forever and is a makeshift repair.

How to repair a leather car seat?

It is possible to repair a torn or scratched leather car seat. You need to buy specialized products:

    – Special leather glue to repair a tear;

    – Leather pigment to renovate a leather car seat;

    – Fixing varnish in addition to the previous one to protect the colour of your leather;

    – Repair resin in case of a scratch on the leather;

    – Repair paste in case of a hole or tear in the leather.

How to repair a fabric car seat?

If your fabric car seats are burned, torn, or gone, it is also possible to repair them without calling in a professional. This also applies to velour car seats. There are car seat repair kits that include dye, powder, and an applicator to repair a torn seat. If your fabric has faded, you can also buy fabric renovation foam. 

Finally, if all this does not work, you can take your car to a professional auto seat repair in and around Coburg North.

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