Express Parcel Delivery: Methods, Advantages, and Rates

Express parcel delivery is a convenient and efficient way of delivering goods. Nowadays, it is very popular with professionals and individuals. It can be done in different ways: road, sea or air. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the express delivery service offers a wide range of options with many advantages and at an attractive price.

The Different Types of Express Parcel Transport

There are three main types of parcel transport:

Transport of Fragile Parcels:

The transport of fragile parcels such as foodstuffs, household appliances, furniture, etc., requires careful organization. Indeed, it is essential to choose packaging adapted to the nature of the goods. Also, it is necessary to indicate to the carrier all the precautions to be taken to limit possible incidents during the journey and damage the parcel.

The Transport of Bulky Packages

For the most part, this type of transportation is reserved for moving. It requires the implementation of a sufficiently adapted and sized infrastructure. Moreover, it requires the mastery of the various regulations in force and a precise know-how.

Carriers set the maximum weight of a package at 30 kg (maximum legal weight that a man can carry). However, some of them accept to transport parcels up to 70 kg.

To facilitate sending or routing the bulky parcel to its recipient, make sure that the box or the packaging chosen is strong enough. Indeed, it must avoid the various hazards and possible deteriorations of parcels during the taking in charge or the handling throughout the journey.

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International Parcel Transport

Currently, it is possible to send parcels abroad thanks to international transport services. There are already many companies that are developing in this field.

The Advantages of Express Parcel Delivery

The real advantage of express parcel delivery is the “door to door” delivery. You receive your package from your home. If you are not at home, it is even possible to collect it from a relay point.

Express parcel delivery is very popular because of the speed of delivery.

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