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Car Touch-up Paint: Spray or Pencil?


    – Bodywork paint touch-up: minor imperfections

    – Preparing the bodywork before a paint touch-up

    – Equipment: spray gun, spray can or pencil?

Car paint touching up requires meticulous preparation.

Car paint is used to paint a car or to touch up paint on the bodywork of a vehicle.

Bodypaint touching up for minor imperfections

Bodypaint touching up is ideal when there are:

    – small dents,

    – deep scratches,

    – rust spots,

    – scratches.

It allows, in a short time, to find perfect bodywork. Retouching is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to renovate.

Preparing the bodywork before a paint touch-up

Car Touch-up Paint

Before carrying out a paint touch-up, it is essential to prepare the surface:

    – sand the surfaces to be painted in circular movements until the bodywork is perfectly smooth: be careful not to press too hard on the sanding tool,

    – Apply a rust inhibitor to the area to be retouched using a brush and allow it to work in (respect the time indicated by the manufacturer),

    – Degrease the surface with a product such as a detergent to be rinsed with clear water,

    – Apply the body filler in successive thin coats and allow to dry for one hour,

    – sand,

    – Use body tape and newspaper to protect the areas of the vehicle that will not be repainted,

    – Apply a coat of primer.

Equipment: spray gun, spray can or pencil?

It all depends on the surface to be painted:

    – large areas: spray gun,

    – small areas:

        ◦ car paint spray can: requires following a complex preparation procedure,

        ◦ car paint pencil: In a shallow bodywork scratch, its use does not require any special preparation apart from cleaning the surface to be treated.

Car paint spray can: to repair minor defects

You can use car paint sprays for minor paintwork repairs. It is used in particular when certain bodywork elements are:

    – scratched,

    – scratched,

    – rusty,

    – weathered.

It is particularly appreciated for its ease of use and lower purchase price.

Many advantages: resistance, aesthetic and practical

Spray paint for cars has many advantages:

    – excellent covering power,

    – a colour identical to the original one,

    – a long-lasting colour and shine,

    – excellent resistance to UV rays, atmospheric conditions and light,

    – Fast-drying,

    – anti-corrosion qualities.

Not to mention the ease of application, which is within everyone’s reach.

How to use spray paint: the steps

Touching up paintwork should be carried out using a car paint can of the same colour as the bodywork, taking care to avoid differences in the bath:

    – Spray the can from a distance of 20 to 30 cm away from the painted surface: horizontal and vertical movements allow the joints between the successive layers of paint to be masked,

    – Allow drying for about 15 minutes,

    – Repeat the operation and allow to dry for 24 hours.

After drying completely, polish with a special liquid to obtain a perfectly smooth surface and a shiny appearance.

Bodywork pencil: for minor touch-ups

To remove a scratch on the bodywork, many companies market innovative and revolutionary products in the form of a bodywork pencil. These have the particularity of:

    – fill,

    – seal,

    – protect.

The body pencil is extremely easy to use and inexpensive.

Long-lasting paintwork with this type of pencil

Many car owners use body pencils for their advantageous properties:

    – perfectly matches the original colour of the bodywork,

    – protects against corrosion,

    – can be used on all vehicle surfaces,

    – excellent durability, etc.

Body pencil: very simple to use

The body pencil is easy to use and does not require any special knowledge in terms of body paint retouching. The operation consists of:

    – Shake the pencil well before use to mix the product sufficiently,

    – Apply the tip of the pencil to the scratch, pressing firmly along the length of the scratch,

    – Allow drying for several hours,

    – lightly sand the treated area.

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