The One Spot In A Car That Everyone Forgets To Wash

Why is it important to get your car washed at least every two-three weeks? Because the owner’s manual says so? Chances are, when your roadster or SUV gets dirty, the fix is obvious: grab an effective car wash shampoo and your pressure washer and the job’s done. If you are good at it, your vehicle might look brand new. Unfortunately, a water hose alone cannot extend the lifespan of your car because there is a part of your vehicle that you have neglected.

Like the space on top of your refrigerator or behind your bed, there are certain things that easily escape the human mind. The same goes with your vehicle. No matter how much you’ve toiled cleaning your car, there is part that you’ve forgotten – a part that cannot be seen but which is very important and if damaged, could cause serious problems to your vehicle.

Guessed it yet?

All you need you to do is to go underneath your vehicle and you’ll see what it will cost you for not cleaning this area.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

It doesn’t take long for dirt and grime to build on the outside of your car. While you’ve given a thorough bath to your car, have you thought about the undercarriage? Never, right?

That’s probably the same answer for most car owners. But, not the best answer!

An undercarriage usually has lots of drainage holes that can get clogged due to the accumulation of dirt and grime. It’s worst when sludge gets caked in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

Driving during icy, freezing winter seasons on roads where salt and other chemicals were applied is like throwing your car’s undercarriage into the lion’s mouth. I’ll try to go for a simple explanation. You see, salt or salt solution is a catalyst – an element that can increase the rate of any reaction – for oxidation, which describes the loss of electrons. And if you recall, rusting is a chemical process (that can be referred to as oxidation) where metal atoms tend to lose electrons only to form ions. To be clear, salt does not cause the rusting of the metal but accelerates the rusting process of the bare metal exposed in the undercarriage.

This is why this out-of-sight part should not be ignored. In fact, Buff n’ Stuff, one of the best car detailers in Australia, knows the importance of an undercarriage bath. Their super deluxe wash from top to bottom can give any car owner peace of mind.

The Nasty Side Of Neglecting The Undercarriage

The Nasty Side Of Neglecting The Undercarriage

We’ve got beyond the point where car owners were plain lazy to wash their cars regularly. Today, we have professionals for that.

However, protecting the exterior while neglecting the unseen underside of your vehicle will not keep it looking new and shiny for years to come.

The undercarriage is not only any part of the car; it is the frame supporting the whole body of the car. It is as important as your steering, suspension and braking systems. As each system in a vehicle is linked – be it directly or indirectly – so is the proper maintenance of the undercarriage linked to your safety and that of your passengers.

As discussed above, the buildup of salt will trap moisture and accelerate the process of rusting, causing your vehicle to break down at a faster rate.

National Highway Safety Traffic reveals that, underbody maintenance is recommended and very important to prevent the damage of underbody parts such as brake lines and exhaust pipes.

How Often To Wash?

How Often To Wash?

According to Consumer Reports, you should get the salt off your car at least once a season. However, others believe that to keep your car in good condition, you should get an undercarriage wash every 2-3 months. Not up to you!

Whole Car Wash

Whole Car Wash

If you are truly concerned for your car, make sure both the outside and the underneath of your car are thoroughly washed. And, if it seems too difficult, consider taking it to well-trained experts like Buff n’ Stuff.








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