Why ship your car by container?

Getting a car is something that most of us dream about, but not all of us can achieve it without taking a loan because buying a car is a significant investment that you should think about thoroughly before purchasing one. For car lovers, it is a known fact that you have to export your car, especially if you are getting a custom one, and this is one of the main reasons why you should consider importing your new vehicle through a container.

A significant number of vehicles manufactured in the world are exported to other countries. Typically, cars and heavy vehicles are shipped via roll-on-roll-off (RORO) ferries or car and truck carriers. However, the geographic coverage of this type of shipment is limited, and the transportation network is not as extensive as that of container shipping. They are equipped with a multi-vehicle racking system. Learn about the various benefits of shipping cars by containers.

The advantages of container shipping

Transporting cars in containers is safer, more efficient, and more economical than other shipping methods.



Thanks to innovative steel racking solutions, containerized transport has become a more cost-effective option for shipping cars. The racking system can be removed, folded, and reused, as it has an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years. Compared to RORO vessels, container ships make shorter trips and have more flexible routes to optimize delivery schedules. Containers can be quickly shipped to other destinations through the intermodal network.


Transporting cars by the RORO method involves certain risks. Cars can be damaged in certain areas during loading and unloading. Structural damage to the vehicle caused by over-tightening or improper securing is one of the problems encountered during transportation. By using the container and racking system, careless handling of vehicles during transit can be avoided.


Containers are a very good way to keep thieves away from sea freight. Once sealed for travel, the contents cannot be seen, making vehicle theft impossible. Regardless of the mode of transportation, containers ensure the security of shipments. Non-containerized cars are more vulnerable to vandalism or theft while waiting at ports, depots, and exchange points.

Protection from the elements

With the cars safely enclosed in the container, there is more minor damage from the elements. On the other hand, vehicles transported by RORO are at a higher risk of exposure to the details because they are outside for more extended periods.


Insurance coverage is limited for RORO, more commonly known as roll-on/roll-off transport because port inspection reports are not issued. In case of damage, it is difficult to determine when it occurred. In containers, the total value of the shipment is insured. This also applies to the transport of goods.

Loading a car for shipment in a container


The following steps ensure the safety of car shipment in containers:

  • The car is introduced into the container and placed in a specific location on the wheel frames.
  • A combination of chocks and lashings is used to hold the car firmly in place during transport.
  • Drain the fuel from the vehicle. Disconnect the battery and alarm system.
  • The racking systems are adjustable to accommodate a combination of vehicle sizes and shapes.

Once the first car is lifted and tilted into position, the second car can be placed neatly under the first.

After all, cars have been loaded, and the container is locked. It remains securely sealed until delivery.

In addition, to benefit from car transport by container, you should contact an international transport company. They have the logistics and resources to provide this service.

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