Why Go to an Auto Cleaning Centre


– Types of car cleaning centres

– Easy access to car cleaning centres

– The different brands of car cleaning centres

For your comfort and the preservation of your vehicle, the cleaning of the car is essential, without forgetting the interior cleaning.

You have the choice between doing it yourself or entrusting this operation to a professional.

If you want to do it yourself, you have two options:

– car cleaning centre;

– Hand wash.

This post will look at what is being offered on the market at car cleaning centres. First of all, why will you take your car to one of them? You must be looking to shine your vehicle and keep it looking as new as day 1 when you had purchased it, right? That’s your legitimate right, and that’s indeed in the thought of every car owner or people who love their car!

Types of car cleaning centres

Auto Cleaning Centre

There are two types of car wash centres:

– centres that offer brush gantries (rollers);

– those that offer high-pressure jet trails (Kärcher).

Gantries with brushes

Gantries are structures that clean your car with brushes (or rollers) after you have placed it in the tracks between these two to three rollers.

They usually offer several programs:

– a simple wash (maintenance):

– the more intensive one with polishing and finishing:

– the medium wash.

On the other hand, gantries clean your car without gentleness and can sometimes scratch your bodywork (your attention must be focused on the quality of the brushes)

They can be ineffective if:

– your car is dirty and creates white foam marks:

– the structure is of poor quality (poor quality rollers).

In short, their low price is attractive, but they reserve them for quick maintenance.

High-pressure tracks: the freedom to wash

High-pressure tracks allow you to wash the exterior of your car using a high-pressure Karcher:

– There are several stages of washing, more or less long.

– It offers not only washing but also rinsing.

The jet’s operation duration is counted in seconds or minutes and is unimportant.

Necessary: Be careful not to direct your jet on fragile parts such as wiper blades or electrical system components.

These structures offer great freedom of action and allow you to wash your car several times, but you cannot always dry or polish.

The result varies not only according to your agility but also because of this lack of drying, which prevents dripping. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a chamois or a microfiber to dry manually.

Easy access to car wash centres

Car wash gantries are more numerous and more accessible in the city, as they are located in the parking lots of large stores.

High-pressure tracks are more often found outside of urban areas but offer more and more services and available space.

The different brands of car cleaning centres

The brands of car cleaning centres are:

– either independent;

– either grouped in networks or franchises;

– or the property of large surface brands.

However, if you are looking for a good address, Strictlyautospa has what you need to make your car shine. Like any good car owner, you will be pleased with the wide range of services they offer, from quick wash and vacuum, paint correction or scratch removal, ceramic coating to tinting your windows.

Don’t forget to leave us your comments in the section below. We would love to hear about your experience at Strictlyautospa or any other one you have been to in your region. This blog would be incomplete without your participation. Thank you for reading!

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