5 Equipment To Have In Your Taxi

Like any type of profession, the taxi driver’s job is governed by rules, including administrative procedures and obligations. Specific equipment is also required in order to work as a taxi driver. Discover them without further delay.

The taximeter


The taximeter is the device that allows the taxi driver to know the bill to be paid by the customer. It takes into account the distance of the journey and its duration. It is taxi equipment available in several models according to the needs of each driver. Some taximeters are integrated into the car’s rearview mirror. Others are fixed on the dashboard. For more practicality, choose a taximeter that is light, attractive, and robust. Remember to have your device approved.

The plate

Among the many devices that are essential for a taxi driver, there is the plate. It must indicate the ADS number relating to his commune. It is an accessory that must be placed on the front right wing of the car. The purpose is that the plate is also visible from the outside. The plate must generally be included in the ADS parking permit.

The light


The light is the device that lets the customer know whether the taxi is free or not. If it is green, it means that the cab is free. On the other hand, if the light turns red, it means that the taxi is occupied.

Opt for original, designer-style lights to ensure that customers choose you instead of someone else. The light is available in fixed or detachable models. In the case of the latter, remember to indicate your telephone number and your town.

The electronic payment terminal

Since 2014, taxi drivers have always had to pay by credit card or risk a fine of up to $1,500. This is why an electronic payment terminal is an essential accessory for taxis. On the one hand, there are fixed terminals that require the use of a telephone line.

Moreover, they are connected to the mains. They can be linked with a smartphone application. On the other hand, there are mobile apps that work on the 3G network and with the help of a battery.

Some models of electronic payment terminals are equipped with a printer. If you have selected the one that does not have one, consider installing an invoice maker or a small printer. You can customize the tickets with font, contact information, logo, and other useful information.

The first aid kit


A first aid kit is not a mandatory piece of equipment for taxis. However, it is recommended that you have one in case of an accident. The first aid kit should include a box of 10 x 10 xm sterile compresses, a sterile absorbent dressing, a 4 x 10 cm stretch bandage, a pair of scissors, and a pair of sterile gloves.

Consider choosing a model from brands that specialize in medical equipment for taxis. It should also contain two clips for securing the strips, a vomit bag, sugar cubes, and a survival blanket. To work as a taxi driver, you must also have a certificate of professional competence and a professional card. Choosing the legal status is also essential.

To be a taxi driver, it is mandatory to obtain a B license of at least 3 years. You must also have a clean criminal record and hold a first-aid diploma. You must also pass a medical examination.

The public transport system is the lifeline of New York City. If you live in New York City like me, then you know what it’s like to take a cab or taxi to get from point a to point b. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us your thoughts on being a taxi driver.

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