How to Clean Your Car

Car maintenance includes the maintenance of the various mechanical components of your vehicle, but also the cleaning of the exterior and interior.

Waterless cleaning involves using an ecological product and a soft cloth, such as microfiber.

Advantages of waterless car cleaning

Waterless car cleaning has many advantages:

    – It saves at least 100 litres of water for each wash.

    – It avoids the pollution linked to the rejection of dirty water, which contains a lot of pollutants such as lead, iron, aluminum, nickel, and phosphates.

    – It is biodegradable and naturally manufactured without solvent. Some are even certified “Eco-something” (there are so many these days…), guaranteeing their respect for health and the environment.

    – Finally, it cleans any surface and combines three actions: washing, polishing and protecting. It is, therefore, genuinely economical in every respect.

Waterless cleaning: by yourself or by a professional?

You can use the biodegradable waterless cleaner anywhere: you no longer need to look for a suitable place to wash your vehicle. It can be done at home, on the street, etc.

It is easy to use, and the only disadvantage is that it requires effort and time (even if it is reduced compared to a wash with water).

Waterless cleaning by a professional at home

Waterless cleaning is increasingly offered by cleaning professionals, who have a real interest in investing in this new cleaning technique:

    – They can come and offer you a car cleaning at home since there is no risk to the environment.

    – They address a lot to companies.

    – Their “waterless cleaning” packages vary only according to the size of the car.

Easy do-it-yourself waterless cleaning

Car cleaning with this product is easy if you use it for all vehicle surfaces.

All you need is a soft cloth or microfiber.

Proceed as follows:

    – Remove the dust with the microfiber to avoid scratches from the dirt grains.

    – Spray the product from top to bottom.

    – Pass the microfiber in a circular motion. Admire the result.

Easy and cheap to buy

You can find the waterless cleaner in supermarkets, car stores and on the Internet:

    – For a 500 mL can that will allow you to do 3 to 4 washes, count between $8 and $11.

    – It pays for itself quickly since you can use it on all the surfaces of your vehicle!

The dirtiest area of a car, and the most difficult to clean, is probably the floor carpet. Despite the floor mats under the passengers’ feet, it holds and absorbs all the dirt, and vacuuming is not always enough.

Here’s how to clean a car’s carpet.

How to Clean Your Car

1. Dust the car carpet

Before you start washing your car’s carpet:

    – If you have floor mats, remove them and shake them vigorously.

    – Then, vacuum the carpet to pick up as much dirt as possible.

    – An excellent way to bring up clinging dirt is to tap the carpet vigorously.

    – If specific stains damage your carpet, use a fabric and carpet stain remover: you can find it at any garage for less than $10 for a 500 ml spray.

Good to know: glass cleaner can remove some stains like coffee.

Equipment needed to clean a car carpet

Vacuum cleaner

Depending on performance

Grass brush


Spray bottle

Dishwashing liquid

Paper towel

White vinegar

2. Clean carpets with homemade shampoo

Prepare the homemade car carpet cleaner

Mix in the spray bottle:

    – 75 ml vinegar;

    – 5 ml of dishwashing liquid;

    – 500 ml of warm water.

Note: Better safe than sorry, consider equipping your car with floor mats. 

3. Shampoo the car

Once the dusting is done, you can move on to the actual cleaning of the carpet:

    – Spray the mixture all over your carpet and scrub with a stiff bristle brush in a circular motion.

    – Let it soak in for 30 minutes.

    – Then blot your carpet with dry towels and let dry for 24 hours.

Note: Repeat this maintenance twice a year to keep your car clean.

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