How To Choose Your VTC Driver?

In European countries, many structures offer safe transportation services. These systems provide their clients with VTC drivers who guarantee a better trip to the beneficiaries. But, because of the high number of VTC drivers, it is often challenging to opt for the right choice. So, to help you, this article offers some criteria to consider for choosing your VTC driver.

Choose the VTC Driver According to His Competence

The driver’s competence is one of the first criteria you should consider before making your choice. To evaluate the competence or performance of the driver, you can base yourself on his license. The license is proof that the person concerned has undergone good training and is a professional in the field. Based on this factor, you can choose your VTC driver. All you have to do is ask for his license or see if he has it on his windshield. Apart from the license, you can also focus on the driver’s manners. For this purpose, look to see if they speak decently and politely. You can also look at the degree of responsibility. To measure this factor, you will only need to observe how the driver dresses.

Choosing the VTC Driver Based on His Pricing

To better guide the choice of your VTC driver, you can also base your choice on the rates offered by the driver in question. Indeed, a good driver will only be able to provide you with fair prices in line with the market rates. Thus, to choose your driver, you will have to define your itinerary and see the fees proposed by the various providers. At this point, you have to compare the prices and choose the driver who offers his services for a price in line with the market. Apart from this trick, it is also possible to better guide your choices based on how the driver offers the price. In reality, the best VTC drivers will always charge you for the ride before making the trip. Thus, you will have to reject any provider seeking to discuss the price after the ride.

Choosing the VTC Driver According to the Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle is also a criterion to examine before choosing your VTC driver. To fully exercise the profession of VTC driver, it is imperative to have a car adapted to this function. Generally, the vehicle in question must have been in use for less than 6 years and have between 4 and 9 seats. In addition to these parameters, the vehicle must have a minimum power of 84 KW. When the driver’s car meets these conditions, you can choose him. To check the age of the vehicle, you will only need to see the vehicle’s condition to assess its length of use. You can also check the vehicle’s registration document for an approximate assessment.

Choose the VTC Driver According to the Opinions of Other Customers

Customers’ opinion is one of the parameters that most influence the choice of the VTC driver. Indeed, after a service, the customer is asked to rate the driver who took care of his trip. Based on specific points, he gives the latter a grade via the platform. Thus, to choose your driver, you can simply refer to this note. For example, if the driver has a rate between 6/10 and 9/10, it means he is competent. So, you can choose him.

On the contrary case (note lower than 6/10), it is preferable not to make a choice. But, it should be noted that this evaluation of the drivers is always done in terms of points. In other cases, you will have to base yourself on the number of stars awarded. At this level, a score of at least 4 stars is necessary to choose the driver in question.

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