Pro Tips to Renovate Leather Car Seats

Are you wondering how to renovate leather car seats? This process requires carefully following several steps. This way, you will be able to enjoy an aesthetic result and a longer life span. Although leather is a very resistant material, it requires specific care regularly. Follow our advice to give your car upholstery a shine and hide the traces of wear.

How to renovate leather car seats? The steps to follow

Renovating your leather car seats is a great way to save money. You effectively avoid having to invest in new ones. If you carefully follow the steps detailed below, you will keep the material in good condition for many years. Restoring leather is not complicated as long as you have the right products and accessories at your disposal.

1. Remove dry dirt and grease

Start by removing dust and grease from the surface to prevent dirt from permanently embedding the material. You can do this using a vacuum cleaner or a soft, lint-free cloth such as microfiber and a degreasing cleaner.

2. Do a deep clean


Cleaning is an essential step in any refinishing project. Use a soap or leather shampoo that you apply in thin layers with a bristle brush. Be careful not to press too hard and to make circular movements.

You should avoid wipes, disinfectant sprays, and other corrosive products like bleach or acetone. The same applies to cosmetics made for the human body, despite the recommendations made on unserious websites. We recommend that you use products adapted to the material if you wish to keep it in good condition over the long term. Remove excess product and let it air dry.

3. If necessary, you can renovate leather car seats by using leather resin

Leather resin can be used after drying on the damaged area to make it more even if it has small cracks, fissures, or holes. If the damage is too extensive, you will have to opt for a repair, and you may have to place a piece of leather to fill the hole.

Repeat the process 2 to 4 times, sanding the surface between each pass until it is completely smooth. Then let it air dry.

4. Use leather paint or a coloring balm

Pro Tips to Renovate Leather Car Seats


Choose a leather paint if your car seats have a pigmented (plain) finish and a coloring balsam if they are aniline (with mottling). It will help you dye the leather without damaging its initial aspect, flexibility, and smooth touch.

5. Protect the surface by applying a fixative

The fixative is crucial to preserve the work done, as it will lay down a protective layer, reducing the impact of external aggressions.

Restoring leather car seats also requires regular maintenance.

Prolong the effects of a renovation by opting for regular maintenance with the right products. A leather cream, a softener, or moisturizing milk will help you maintain the material’s strength and shine.

If you have not maintained your car upholstery for the last 6 months, apply one of the above products once or twice a day for 3 days. If you are in the habit of nourishing the leather every 3 months, one application will be sufficient.

You were wondering how to renovate leather car seats? You now have all our precious advice to enjoy car upholstery in good condition.

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