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Auto Painting: What Is Direct Gloss Paint

Direct gloss paint is very popular with motorists who want to give their car’s bodywork a new lease on life. The inexpensive and glossy finish makes it the best deal of the moment. However, it remains challenging to apply and has high toxicity. Calling on a specialized company for the paint job is an idea to consider.

Direct gloss paint: what is it?


Direct gloss paint is a two-component polyurethane paint, i.e. it is made of oil and resin. It is composed of base paint and a hardener. Mixed with a solvent, it dries when the latter evaporates.


Very shiny, it gives a varnished look to the materials it covers. Very resistant, it is often used for exterior paints, boat hulls and car bodies. But it is toxic to the environment and must be applied with care. Inhaling it during application can be very dangerous.

Direct gloss paint: advantages and disadvantages

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Direct gloss paint has many advantages: 

– It is very resistant. You can’t worry about losing colour or gloss in rain or shine. Its resin content means it stands the test of time without difficulty.

– It covers any surface and gives a taut effect to the paint.

– It shines naturally and saves a coat of varnish.

– Its price remains very affordable.

But it also has some drawbacks:

– Direct gloss paint is very toxic for the environment and humans. It is, therefore, necessary to take some precautions. Before an installation, wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself and not carry out your work in a poorly ventilated garage.

– The application can be complicated. For the paint to dry, it is necessary to wait for the solvent to evaporate, which can take one or two days. During this time, you must be careful to leave the car in a protected area; else, a bubble will be created by the slightest dust. The handling will have to be done again.

Direct gloss paint: application and maintenance

The application is made with a spray gun. Applying two coats is necessary – the first is a hanging phase. Do not worry if you see an orange peel effect appear during the application. The paint will dry well, and the imperfections will disappear. After one or two days, you can apply the second coat to achieve a perfect finish.

Warning: direct gloss paint is toxic! Don’t forget to wear gloves and a mask, and don’t dispose of the leftover paint in a sink.

Maintenance of direct gloss paint is effortless! Resin paint does not retain stains and is particularly resistant to water. You only need a little soapy water to make your car shine whenever you want. No special care is required. Using a PH-neutral cleaning product is a plus.

Direct shine paint: where to find it?

You can find this paint in all specialized car stores and commercial websites. You can also, if you wish, find a company that will do the installation for you.

It’s good to know that it’s preferable to use the manufacturer’s colour codes when deciding on a car’s colour. All the colours can be found on the market or simply ask a professional.

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