How to Apply Auto Spray Paint


The parts of a car are subjected to strong constraints because of their exposure to sometimes harsh climates and during its daily use.

If you want to paint some parts of your car or motorcycle to renovate them or to decorate them in a tuning way, epoxy paint for cars is a perfectly adapted product thanks to its high resistance.

What are the characteristics of epoxy paint for cars?

Auto Spray Painting

There are several types of epoxy paints, each with specific characteristics.

Liquid epoxy paint

It is a two-component paint based on a paint and a hardener to be mixed. It is applied cold, with a brush or a gun for spray painting, after a dilution of 20%.

It resists temperatures of 200 ° and can therefore be used to paint drums or stirrups.

It is insensitive to fuel, oil, battery acid, or brake fluid products.

It can be applied directly to chemically stripped, sandblasted, brushed and degreased steel or to a specific, transparent phosphate primer.

It has the advantage of excellent durability and is resistant to weathering, chemical aggression, wear and tear and ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Moreover, epoxy paint is waterproof, easy to apply thanks to its adhesion qualities and single layer. It is non-brittle and flexible and can therefore be used on springs.

Its main drawback is that it is only available in gloss black.

Epoxy powder paint

It is a product whose electrostatic properties allow it to adhere to a charged metal surface.

It is thermosetting and is polymerized after application (place the painted parts in an oven at 200° for 20 minutes).

It is much more resistant to impact and abrasion than conventional paint.

Epoxy powder paint is available in many solid and metallic colours and is textured, grained, sanded or hammered.

However, its application must be made by a professional. In addition, its main drawback is the risk of breakage, as the film formed is very rigid.

This paint is mainly used:

 – for painting modern car rims, suspension components and chassis;

 – or on vintage and classic cars, engine cases and transmission components.

Automotive epoxy paint in aerosol cans

The aerosol can is divided in two and equipped with a percussion system that allows the paint to be mixed with the hardener.

It is used to paint a vehicle’s spoilers, bumpers, mirrors, fenders, and other plastic parts.

This paint is matte and available in grey or black.

It can withstand temperatures up to 120° and is resistant to all fuel types. It is resistant to weather, UV and minor scratches.

How to apply the epoxy car paint?

Auto Spray Painting

It is necessary to clean and degrease the support to be painted with acetone or alcohol at 90° before painting. If you use acetone, make a preliminary test on a small invisible part.

Liquid epoxy paint

Its application is facilitated after the application of a transparent phosphating primer.

Depending on the desired finish, it can be applied either with a brush (10% dilution recommended to improve tightness) or with a compressed air gun (with 20% dilution).

The thinner to be used is imperatively that of the paint brand to guarantee perfect compatibility, quality adherence and a uniform aspect.

The paint is applied in two coats, with a waiting time of two hours between coats.

Epoxy spray paint

It is essential to protect all surfaces that are not to be painted with newspaper and tape. Indeed, the aerosol can diffuse the paint widely.

The can should then be shaken and the paint sprayed at a constant distance of 25 cm from the surface to be painted. This operation should be carried out in several successive thin coats to obtain an optimal result.

It is good to know that epoxy powder paint is only applied by professionals who use special ovens for baking it.

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Auto Spray Painting

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