4 Steps to Shine Your Car


 – Step 1: Wash your car

 – Step 2: Polish your bodywork

 – Step 3: Shine your paint

 – Step 4: Add a protective wax

 Over time, despite regular washing, your car’s bodywork becomes dull. Pollution, bad weather and micro-scratches take away its shine. To make your car shine, you need to apply three types of products:

  • The polish removes a layer of paint in the order of a micron.

  • The “polisher” nourishes the paint.

  • The wax protects it all.

The paintwork regains its depth, and the bodywork is shiny. The micro-scratches that are usually seen in the sun are erased.

 This will not last, however. Under the effect of the elements and pollution, your car’s bodywork will fade again after a few months. You’ll have to go back to polishing for a truly brilliant result.

Follow These Four Easy Steps:

1. Wash your car

Steps to Shine Your Car

 Before polishing your car, make sure that it is clean and dry and that no traces remain on the paintwork.

 Important: remember to quickly clean off any bird droppings, which are highly acidic and can damage the paintwork thoroughly. 

2. Polish your bodywork

Steps to Shine Your Car

 Polishing pastes or polishes allow you to remove micro-scratches from your bodywork: they contain light abrasives that smooth out the swirls that shine in the sun. You will find different types of paste, more or less abrasive, to choose from depending on the condition of your bodywork. Always progress from the strongest grain to the finest grain for a perfect finish.

 – Apply your paste with a cotton cloth or cotton wool, using circular motions. The product leaves a white film. Let it dry for a few minutes (refer to the instructions for the product you have chosen for the exact timing), then wipe off the film with a clean cloth.

 – You can also apply your product with an electric polisher equipped with polishing foams.

 Necessary: Avoid unpainted rubber and plastic parts of your vehicle, as the polish may leave white marks.

3. Polish your paintwork

 Once the micro-scratches have been smoothed out, use a polish, or glaze, to nourish and protect your car’s paintwork and add depth to its colour.

 Apply it in the same way as the polishing compound.

4. Add a protective wax

Steps to Shine Your Car

 Applying a protective wax is the final step in keeping your bodywork shiny. The effect lasts between 3 and 6 months, depending on the type of product you choose and the car shampoo you use between wax applications.

 You can choose between several types of products:

 – Synthetic waxes, called sealant;

 – natural waxes, known as wax. They do not last as long as synthetic waxes, but their appearance is warmer.

 The application is made with a cloth on the whole bodywork.

 What you need to shine your car

  • Cloth 

  • Polishing paste 

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