2021’s Most Popular Car Colors

Of course, some car colours never go out of fashion, but there are so many great new colours in 2021 that there’s no time for the classics. Buying a car shouldn’t just be a necessity. It should be an exciting experience. One way to avoid the hassle of buying a car is to find a vehicle that you find interesting. The colour doesn’t matter to us, but it makes us smile if the vehicle is our favourite shade of red. Most drivers prefer cars in neutral colours like light brown, blue, white and black.

When shopping for a car, the make, model and design are essential without neglecting the fact that colour is an equally important factor in the final decision. New trends and period changes mean that the paintings most chosen paintings are not always the same, beyond colours such as white, black, red, among others that appear in the favourites lists. The extroverted colours that go a bit out of the common imagination are gaining more and more momentum. These new trends in modern automotive paints include white and soft tones, darker blacks, and various vibrant colours in between. Colour is important to an automobile designer long before its production. The effects and textures that paint provides make this moment of choosing colour a visual and emotional experience.

Every year, car manufacturers introduce a new colour trend that drivers either love or hate, depending on which group they belong to. This year, it is not yet known which colours car manufacturers will offer. Here are some of the trendiest and most unique colours for 2021.

Different Trends for Each Region

Colour trends change in every continent and region, but globally they range from greyish-green to warm beige to silver grey. Today what is sought in a car is that it transmits progress and technological advancement. South America has been defined as a fun and unpretentious region with a wide variety of dynamic effects. The selected colours represent a certain level of seriousness and, at the same time, a free spirit.


Colour #1

And among the colours proclaimed as kings. There is one who is the emperor by far: white. But the preferences for white, which is usually included as standard in the models and, therefore, is cheaper, are different depending on the geographical area. According to the trends for passenger cars sold in 2018 collected by the BASF report in the Asia Pacific, half of the vehicles are white. In contrast, in North America, about one in four cars are white, while in Europe it is the preferred colour for a third of motorists. Among the four most popular colours, the second most successful has changed, as grey has won supporters and has ended up beating black, which has been displaced to third place in the rankings.

But grey, like each colour, houses numerous variations depending on the tones, reflections and other aspects that manufacturers such as BASF have been incorporating into their colour range. The grey accumulates a total of 110 variations that go from light grey to very dark metallic anthracite. However, there is another colour that has more variations, up to 140: blue. This colour registers an upward trend, especially in Europe, where it has managed to sneak in as the fourth most used, with 11% of the market displacing silver.


Green Sympathetic

An emerging colour with sustenance in the technological field is green: fresh and balanced offers a unique combination. This solid and metallic colour captures the attraction of technology.


Moxie Orange 

Orange captures the energy that drives positive change. It’s a vibrant but not overpowering shade that shows deep saturation with the metal, creating an effect that helps accentuate the vehicle’s shape.


Artisan Grey

This colour encompasses several combinations: metallic and solid, natural and synthetic, and warm-cold. This union is not intense but rather intimate and welcoming.


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