What is Professional Car Wash

Washing our cars has become a necessity for many of us, if only for personal satisfaction. What services do professional car washes provide? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what a professional car wash is.

The various professional car wash options

Professional car wash services include the following:

The roller wash

This is the quickest and cheapest solution. You do not need to intervene because the roller wash is automated. It is an ideal solution for people who drive frequently and want a clean vehicle at all times.
The cleaning quality is good but frequently insufficient; additionally, the rotating brushes may be in varying states of wear, posing a risk of micro-scratches.
Several cleaning programs (up to 6) are available depending on the station, ranging from simple rinsing to a full operation with pre-wash, wheel and chassis wash, reinforced underbody wash, full and side high-pressure wash, anti-tracking rinse, polish, and drying.

Using a high-pressure cleaner to clean

You’ll have to get your hands dirty and use the high-pressure hose here; this type of cleaning is great for muddy vehicles or rinsing after winter use (in case of salt deposits on the bodywork, for example).
There are also several programs available:
– two operating pressures; – cold or hot water; – washing with clear water or soap; – specific wheel cleaning; – rinsing with anti-stain product.
The main disadvantage of this method of washing is that you rarely emerge unscathed… and quite wet!

It should be noted that high-pressure cleaning and roller washing are frequently provided by the same stations, which also have interior cleaning stations with hoovers.

Auto beauty salons

This is the pinnacle. This is a new concept that has arrived from the United States: in this type of station, similar to an American car wash, the vehicle is cleaned from start to finish in an automated tunnel, supplemented by staff to clean the corners that the machine cannot reach, as well as the interior of the vehicle.
This is a high-end service that is carried out meticulously (in some cases, an inspector checks the work done at the end of the wash); this service includes, depending on the programs (5 to 8 programs can be offered): – all roller wash services; – mosquito removal; – cleaning of door bottoms and uprights; – manual wiping with chamois leather; – complete interior cleaning

Home cleaning

What is Professional Car Wash

This type of company will come to your home or workplace and clean it completely without using any water, making it environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Professional Car Washes

There is a wide range of services available. It’s up to you to make the decision based on your budget and the level of quality you want to bring to your car cleaning.
The environmental benefit is the most important aspect of a
professional car wash. Cleaning companies, unlike private car washes, are strictly regulated, and their wastewater disposal systems include a recycling and filtering system that ensures minimal water consumption and waste.

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