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Shock Absorber Noise: Symptoms, Causes, Repair


  • Shock absorber noise: a symptom not to be ignored
  • Causes of shock absorber noise
  • What are the consequences of worn shock absorbers?
  • Shock absorber maintenance and repair
  • Shock absorber prices

 The shock absorber is not only a comfort element. It is also a crucial automotive part that ensures the safety of the vehicle’s occupants and other road users. A shock absorber that makes a noise is usually defective and increases the risk of an accident. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor the condition of your vehicle’s shock absorbers and be vigilant in case of shock absorber noise.

 Shock absorber noise: a symptom not to be neglected

Shock absorbers are mechanical automotive parts designed to reduce shocks when driving on a more or less deformed road. They consist of an oil-filled cylinder and springs that absorb the shocks caused by a speed bump, a pothole, or a rough road. You probably have faulty shocks if you hear a noise every time you hit the road. 

 Good to know: a failure of the shock absorbers impacts the comfort of the occupants. In addition, it can lead to accidents.

 Causes of shock absorber noise

 A shock absorber noise, similar to a squealing noise, can be caused by

 a leak in the shock absorber rod;

 oxidation of the suspension springs;

 Deformation of the part.

 Good to know: when a shock absorber noise is perceived, you should not hesitate to contact a mechanic who will note the anomaly and find the appropriate solution.

 What are the consequences of worn shock absorbers?

 As soon as the shock absorbers are damaged, they must be replaced as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this may lead to:

 abnormal wear of the tires;

 a reduced braking distance;

 a higher risk of aquaplaning;

 poor road handling.

 Good to know: driving with worn shock absorbers will worsen the poor condition of the suspension components.

Shock absorber maintenance and repair

What to Do if Your Shocks Squeak

 Having the condition of your shock absorbers checked every 20,000 km is essential, and do not hesitate to have them replaced if they are defective.

 Once one or more shock absorbers are worn, they must be replaced. Motorists new to auto mechanics have no interest in doing this type of work, so the most recommended solution is to have a professional mechanic do it.

 Good to know: you must choose shock absorbers that correspond to the type and model of the vehicle concerned. Note that front shocks are different from rear shocks. Also, shock absorbers must be changed in pairs for each set of tires (same axle). Finally, it is necessary to change the suspension bumpers simultaneously.

 Price of shocks

 Shock absorbers for cars can be purchased in stores specializing in car accessories, at your garage or dealer, and on websites dedicated to this type of equipment.

 The cost of a pair of shock absorbers depends on the type and model of vehicle you own.

 The price range is generally between $300 and $500 for a pair of shocks.

 Good to know: an estimate can be drawn up on request from a garage to see the price of labor, parts, and service in detail.

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