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What to Do if Your Shocks Squeak

There’s nothing more unpleasant than hearing squeaky shocks from inside your car. There are solutions to remedy this problem. This is what we will develop in this article.

 Squeaky shocks: the purpose of car shocks

 A shock absorber is a telescopic car-bike part positioned at each wheel.

 Its role is to reduce the jolts of the vehicle often caused by the irregularities of the road. A piston ensures the compression and expansion of the hydraulic system.

 The shock absorber improves the comfort of the driver and his passengers. It is also essential to keep it in good condition to ensure the safety of all.

 Good to know: Shock absorbers should not be confused with suspension. The latter is a set of components connecting the chassis to the wheels.

 Symptoms and causes of squeaky shocks

 Shock absorbers sometimes squeak whenever the vehicle is driven on a rough road. This is usually because the shocks are defective. The suspension becomes inoperative.

 When the body wobbles and bounces with every impact on the road, it is a symptom that affects the comfort of the passengers and the driver, but also the behavior of the vehicle. The steering and braking efficiency is considerably reduced.

 Squealing is not the only symptom that suggests a defective shock absorber. A visual check can be made for possible symptoms, such as

 – oil leakage in a shock absorber;

 – abnormal wear of a tire;

 – an oxidized shock absorber rod;

 – a worn seal;

 – Deformation of the shock absorber cylinder.

 Note: Shock absorber defects increase the risk of an accident. The slightest malfunction of these components must therefore be taken very seriously and without delay.

 What to do if your shock absorbers squeak?What to Do if Your Shocks Squeak


 Any abnormal noise in the vehicle is often the result of a mechanical problem. A squeaking noise in the cabin is most likely due to a suspension problem or even a malfunctioning shock absorber.

 When you hear an abnormal noise, you must contact a mechanic who will give his opinion. The safety of road users is at stake.

 If the mechanic notices an abnormality during the test drive, such as a vibrating steering wheel, poor road holding, or pitted braking, the shock absorbers may be defective. In this case, it is imperative to replace them to prevent the suspension system from deteriorating.

 If the shock absorber needs to be changed, the purchase of a new part should be considered carefully because not all shock absorbers are suitable for all types and models of vehicles.

 Please note: front shocks are not the same as those for the rear of the vehicle.

 Squeaky shocks: maintenance

 The best way to check the condition of the shock absorbers is to have the vehicle tested. It is recommended to check the condition of the shock absorbers every 20,000 km or at each periodic service of the vehicle.

 Good to know: Shock absorbers should be replaced approximately every 80,000 km. It is preferable to have them changed by an experienced garage or in a car center to obtain a full guarantee.

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