Why is your Car A/C blowing hot air?

The potential culprit could be among the ventilation system, electrical problems, and system leaks. Good car maintenance involves a good air conditioner, mostly in peak summer times. If your car air conditioning is blowing out hot air it’s time to bring it to a car air conditioning specialist. Beware, if there is a leak in your air conditioner, debris may enter and contaminate your system, which can damage your air conditioning pump and further dirty your air conditioner filter.

Ventilation System Problem

What may seem to be a big issue with your air conditioning may not really be one at all. It could just be a ventilation system problem or some other minor issues. Nowadays, the ventilation system possesses its own control module, similar to the computer which controls your engine. This module controls a series of motors that move flaps and doors in your ventilation system.  If the module is faulty, a door breaks or a motor malfunctions, your ventilation system may skip blowing air over the evaporator so it prevents it from cooling and feels like the air conditioning is broken. A car mechanic can diagnose the problem with a scanning tool used to communicate with the ventilation system module.

Electrical Problems

Here is how the thing works: electric signals are sent from the control module to the air conditioning system and the sensors. When any of these signals stop, the car air conditioning will start to blow hot air. What could be causing this issue? There could be an interruption of the signal from a faulty module which is used to start the compressor clutch or a signal problem to start the AC condenser fans. In this case, you will need to check with a car electrician.

System Leaks

Leaks are the most occurring air conditioning issue. The refrigerant is used under high pressures and it is of a volatile nature. At times small leaks are bound to happen and the lack of refrigerant will result in a slow capacity of the cooling unit until you’re left with no fresh air at all. Major pipe leaks will result in instant loss of refrigerant and should be repaired quickly to avoid debris from getting inside. If you have no time to fix the minor leaks, you can consider refilling the refrigerant. Also, if you are looking for an alternative to fix your other more important leaks without having to replace expensive parts you can consider buying an A/C Refrigerant Stop Leak online. For some cars, it does the job fine and for others not. You will need to locate the low-pressure port, connect it with the coupler that comes with the leak stopper and inject the whole formula, and hope it works!

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