Understanding wheel alignment and wheel balancing

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is primordial to keep your car in good condition. A wrong alignment can send shocks everywhere in the vehicle. Greater shocks mean more friction and vibration of metals, rubber parts and other components in your car. If you hit a vast pothole, you may bump your suspension out of the fastidiously calculated locations that three main elements have been set to, involving three technical details – caster, camber, and toe. These are measurements that a wheel technician uses to adjust for the proper alignment of your wheels by adjusting the wheel angle in or out to ensure proper handling and stability of the car during motion.

Wheel balancing

When driving at high speeds and suddenly maneuvering to change direction, especially during overtaking, the slightest imbalance in the weight of the wheels can cause the wheel and tire to spin in an uneven motion causing loss of control, resulting in a crash. The slightest difference in weight in the wheels will create vibrations in the car. Moreover, at normal speed, an imbalanced wheel causes uneven wear and tear of the tires. This is why you should check or fix your car wheel balance, and this applies mostly to new tires. This process equalizes heavy and light spots in the wheel to ensure you have a smooth drive.


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