How to check for car axles problems?

The car axles are among the most important component of a wheeled vehicle as they have to perform the main purposes, that is, driving, breaking and steering. They are found underneath your vehicle and form part of the suspension settings of your rear wheels. If you are having issues with these, it is high time to get the axles checked by a professional mechanic. The axles transfer engine power and torque from the transmission to the wheels. There are several signs to tell you that they need to be fixed urgently in order to avoid further damages to your vehicle and most importantly to avoid an accident and save lives!

How to check?

Firstly, put your car into gear. If you hear an abnormal clumping sound coming from your rear wheels, this indicates that the car axles are in very bad conditions.

Secondly, when you put some heavy load like a gas cylinder in the boot or when you get passengers to climb in the back seat and you hear some sputtering or squeaky noise, you know you have something to worry about your axles.

Thirdly, if you do not change your axles, the noise will continue and with considerable wear and tear, you will feel some vibrations which occur when you accelerate or while you take some tight turns. Further, when you drive on speed breakers, humps, potholes or any other irregular shape on the road, you will hear that rumbling noise. The car axles are almost worn out or nearly broken and this is a serious matter for you to consider.

Fourthly, if you have been driving with bad axles, you will notice that the rear wheels have started to curb on the outside. It is not futile to try any wheel alignment at this stage as the misalignment of the wheels is caused by the axles going worse.

If you further drive the car, the axles will eventually break apart. Once broken completely, your car won’t move, and if this happens while you are driving on the motorway, it could lead to a fatal accident. Only a highly skilled and qualified mechanic will be able to tell you what repairs should be done before you wreck the car.

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