Is it safe to drive with broken axles?

Is it safe to drive with broken axles?

The axles are an important component of your vehicle as they need to perform the main functions, that is, driving, breaking and steering. They are found underneath your vehicle and form part of the suspension settings of your rear wheels. There are two axles for your rear wheels and they are what transfer power from the transmission (in a front-wheel drive setup) to the wheels or the differential (in a rear-wheel drive system). Your car will not drive you for a long time if you have a broken axle. If one of the axles is broken, it is not safe to drive the car.

If you feel the car bumping and you hear a constant grinding and clicking when you are taking a turn, your axle has not broken yet, but it is going to break soon. Actually, the problem here may be coming from a bad CV joint. What you should understand is that there is normally a boot that protects the joint. If that joint is damaged and grease is leaking out, dirt and debris will get stuck inside. The lack of grease will also result in a lack of lubrication which eventually will tear the joint apart.

You will still be able to drive your car if the axles are failing. However, you will be putting your life at risk as the axles could completely fail at any point when you are speeding, which will send the car into dangerous spins. It is better to have this issue diagnosed and repaired rather than betting on your chance that things will still be good during your ride.

If you become suspicious of your axles, it is time to get them replaced. Once broken completely, your vehicle won’t move, and if they break during your ride it could lead to even further damage to other associated parts. Don’t wreck the car! If you are in Kissimmee, you can take your car to a knowledgeable mechanic to check your drive and replace the axle as soon as possible.

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