Should I lower the suspension of my car?

You would want to lower the suspension of your car mainly to get that dashing look of the car sitting down like a beast and ready to race! There are also the benefits that come with lowering your car, but there is also a hell of drawbacks that may come along with it! So the final answer to this question depends on you.


If the most appealing thing to you is how the car looks and you do not care about the quality of the ride or other associated problems with the suspensions, then you’ll probably love having a lowered vehicle – but you should be aware that this might not always be the case. Some other debatable reasons could be the lower center of gravity that makes your car sit closer to the ground and enhance stability through quick turns and taking over at high speed. Some pros of car tuning would say that the car becomes more aerodynamic in the sense that it sits lower, there is less air passing underneath, which reduces the amount of air drag as opposed to normal vehicles.


With time you will grow tired and frustrated with your car’s unquiet ride and the continual scraping of your tires with the interior of the car’s body as you simply drive around. The lowered suspension will gradually start affecting your experience with the vehicle and you will eventually want to sell it sooner or later. If you are planning to sell the car, bear in mind that some potential buyers may be reluctant to buy such a car as the lowered suspension may be telling them that your car has now become a piece of crap and that is why you want to sell it to them.

Let’s face it and consider the real picture

Do not blind yourself by the sporty look! If you hope to keep your vehicle and enjoy it for some more years, I highly recommend not lowering it. The accumulated wear and tear that you will be imposing on the car with a lowered suspension will make it a problematic issue in the long term.

Suspension systems in today’s modern cars are designed and manufactured in such a way that all the aerodynamics and engineering has been meticulously calculated by the car manufacturer. Also, the car has met international safety requirements to be safe on the road. So, why would you drive a car that has been set up against the norms?

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